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Lube Bundle

A complete set of switch lubing tools for those looking to improve the sound and feel of their mechanical keyboard. Set includes: lube station, switch puller, opener, keycap puller, lube, and brush.

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  • Includes everything needed to properly lube mechanical switches in one convenient bundle
  • 1× Glorious Lube Station
  • 1× Glorious Switch Puller
  • 1× Glorious Switch Opener
  • 1× Glorious Ergonomic Keycap Puller
  • 1× G-Lube
  • 1× Glorious Lube Brush

Find everything you need to get the most out of your order.

How to Lube Switches

Benefits of Lubing Switches

The love for lubing stems from the improved sound and feel produced by switches that have lubrication applied to their components. Like greasing a wheel, it mitigates friction while typing or gaming, creates an overall smoother experience, and reduces audible scratchiness caused by bare components rubbing together.

How to Lube Like a Pro

Properly lubing mechanical switches is a rewarding DIY activity that benefits from watching a guide before one truly dives in. This video, featuring our friend JTTR, is the perfect step-by-step tutorial for those looking to lube.

Tools of the Trade

The Total Package

Experience a satisfyingly efficient lubing process thanks to carefully-designed tools and accessories.

Lube Station

This handy holder securely stores up to 36 disassembled switches at once and includes storage for the other tools in this kit.

Switch Puller

This strong, stainless steel puller quickly and easily removes mechanical switches without damaging their housings.

Switch Opener

This versatile opener safely disassembles Glorious, Cherry MX, Kailh, and Gateron switches.

Keycap Puller

This ergonomic puller is capable of quickly removing all keycap profiles with its strong gold-plated wires.


The star of the show. G-Lube is applied to the switches’ components to noticeably improve their sound and feel.

Lube Brush

This incredibly fine, ergonomic brush ensures a precise and effective application of lube to each switch component.

How to Lube Switches

Get familiar with the components of mechanical keyboard switches and learn how to apply lube step-by-step.

View the Tutorial

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