The Model O 2 Gaming Mouse: Available March 14th

The Model O 2 Gaming Mouse: Available March 14th

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Mar 07 2023

MODEL O 2: THE NEXT ERA of glorious Gaming

We’re thrilled to announce Model O 2 is finally coming into stock on!

Available in both wired and wireless versions, this game-changing mouse has been re-engineered and significantly enhanced with cutting-edge upgrades. Its new design is better, faster, stronger, and more accurate than the original.

On March 14th at 11 AM Central Time, the Model O 2 will be fully in stock and available for purchase on our webstore.


Don't miss out on the chance to get yours! We are expecting a high demand, and our fulfillment center can only ship a limited quantity of orders per day, so we recommend securing yours as soon as you can to ensure you get yours quickly.

We will be fulfilling pre-orders first, then shipping out incoming orders in the order we receive them.

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Design Improvements

The Model O 2 maintains the same shape as the original Model O with a completely re-engineered shell. The result is a much stronger and more balanced gaming mouse than its predecessor. Our goal was to create a mouse with perfect weight distribution, build quality, and comfortable grip— without losing structural integrity.

We've introduced a brand-new split button design, which provides significantly improved consistency and responsiveness over a much larger surface area. Additionally, the O 2’s buttons also feature deeper grooves to prevent your fingers from slipping during crucial moments.

A new, enhanced textured surface provides a much more comfortable and secure grip during intense gaming sessions.

Technology Upgrades

With the Model O 2 Wireless, you can now enjoy dual connectivity, with the option to switch between Performance Mode for blazing-fast, lag-free connection, or new “Efficiency” Bluetooth Mode - for battery life that lasts 210 hours – that's weeks of uninterrupted use! It also allows for more universal connectivity, which means you can connect it to PCs, laptops, tablets, and even phones!

The Model O 2 features the next-gen, cutting-edge optical sensor BAMF 2.0, which offers unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness. BAMF 2.0 includes Motion Sync technology, which ensures that the mouse movements are in perfect sync with the on-screen actions. This translates into a seamless and fluid gaming experience, without any lag or delay.

BAMF 2.0 expands the DPI (dots per inch) range up to 26,000 for finer sensitivity control. The IPS (inches per second) has also been greatly boosted for more accurate movement tracking.


Q: When will the Model O 2 be available?
A: It will be in-stock and available for purchase March 14th at 11 AM Central Time.


Q: I have a pre-order purchase. When will I get my Model O 2?
A: Pre-orders begin shipping on Monday, March 13th. It may take a couple of days to fulfill all pre-orders, but we will notify you once it has shipped. For more information on shipping, please visit our shipping info page.

Please note: We will fulfill all pre-orders first, before new orders.


Q: Do the Model O 2 come with the 2-Year Glorious Warranty? A: Yes, it comes with our 2-Year Glorious Warranty included. If you register your product on our website, you receive an extra year of warranty.


Q: Will these mice be available through third party retailers? A: Many of our retail partners around the world will eventually carry these mice. For specific details, please contact your local retailer directly.  



Q: Does the Model O 2 support for Glorious CORE?
A: Yes. Model O 2 and the Model O 2 Wireless are fully compatible with our Glorious CORE software – a welcomed addition to the wired Model O!


Q: Can I use existing Glorious G-Floats and G-Skates on these new mice?
A: Yes. The Model O 2 supports the Model O’s G-Skates and G-Floats.


Q: Can I use your existing Grip Tapes on these new mice?
A: No. Changes to the Model O 2 do not support their original tapes. Stay tuned for more information regarding compatible grip tape options.


Q: Can I use the existing Ascended Cord replacement kit on the Model O 2?
A: Yes. The colorful Ascended Cords included in the Ascended Cord G-Skates Bundle Kit are compatible with the wired Model O 2.


Q: Does the Glorious Mouse Case support these new mice?
A: Yes. The Glorious Mouse Case is intentionally designed to fit virtually all gaming mice, especially the Model O 2 and Model I 2.


Q: Can I use the existing Model O Mouse Software to customize the Model O 2?
A: No. The Model O 2 is only compatible with our latest customization software: Glorious CORE.


Q: Do I need a dongle, adapter, or receiver to connect the Model O 2 Wireless to my device?
A: No. All mice come with a 2.4 GHz USB-A receiver + extender dongle out of the box.

Note: To use the new Bluetooth 5.2 LE connectivity, you will need a device which supports Bluetooth or you have to get an external Bluetooth receiver.



Q: How do I maximize Model O 2 Wireless's battery life to reach the stated 210-hour mark?
A: The 210-hour battery life can be achieved with lighting turned off while the mouse is in Bluetooth 5.2 LE wireless mode. Factors like the chosen wireless mode and lighting brightness will impact battery performance.