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G-Floats Mouse Feet

Premium, ultra-durable & ultra-glide mouse feet for various models of the Glorious mice.
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  • Shield logo One Year Warranty
  • Black return arrow logo 45 Day Returns
  • Made from Polished Ceramic
  • Tooled to fit their respective Glorious mouse model.
  • Won't wear down with use
  • Max Speed and Performance on hard pad
  • Max Control and Performance on a cloth pad.
  • Contains 1 set

Find everything you need to get the most out of your order.

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Feel Like Your Mouse is Floating

G-Floats are made from polished ceramic, giving you the most satisfying and consistent glide you have ever experienced. They’re so friction-less, you'll feel like your mouse is floating!

With just the right balance of speed and stopping power, our G-Floats will forever change how you play.

Love using a hard pad but tired of changing out your skates? The unique materials and construction of the G-Floats greatly increases the lifespan, giving you consistently high performance years after your first use.

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