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Glorious HQ

February 16, 2022

Introducing the Lube Bundle: Everything you need to quickly and easily lube your mechanical keyboard switches. This gives them a silky smooth press and enhances your keyboard’s sound.

The bundle is available here on for $69.99, down from its original total of $77.94

What’s Included

• The Lube Bundle’s included Keycap and Switch Pullers make removal quick and damage-free.

• Its hassle-free Switch Opener quickly prepares them for lubing and other modifications like filming and spring-swapping.

• The handy Lube Station holds up to 36 disassembled switches, which includes their bottom housings, springs, and stems. Keeps parts from getting lost and your fingers lube-free!

• Included G-Lube is suitably slick, and the ergonomic Lube Brush has an ultra-fine point for precise application.

How to Lube Switches

If you’re looking to lube, check out this tutorial video we created with keyboard expert, JTTR. In the video, he explains the benefits of lubing and takes you through the entire process step-by-step!

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