Model D 2 PRO Series Wireless Mouse 4K/8KHz Edition

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Model D 2 PRO Series Wireless Mouse 4K/8KHz Edition

The Model D 2 PRO ushers in a new era for competitive gaming mice. With its lightweight, ergonomic design and cutting-edge tracking, precision aiming feels fast and effortless.

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  • Shield logo Two Year Warranty
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  • Ultralight 60-gram weight
  • Right-handed ergonomic shape
  • Optical switches rated for 100M clicks
  • Capable of polling up to 8,000 Hz
  • BAMF 2.0 26K Sensor
  • Compatible with OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Software: Glorious CORE

  • 1× Model D 2 PRO
  • 1× 2.4GHz 4KHz Wireless Receiver
  • 1× Type-A to Type-C Paracord Charging Cable

Find everything you need to get the most out of your mouse.

Product Guide

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Self-Service Support

Optimized Weight

The perfect 62g weight for fast, easily controllable movements - so you can snap to targets and stay on them.

Enhanced Texture

Maximizes mouse-hand contact for even more in-game control.

Ergonomic Shape

Contoured to afford additional support to palm or claw grip styles. Perfect for right-handed gamers with medium to large hands.

Warranty 2 years
Shape Ergonomic
Size Standard
Weight 60g
Connectivity 2.4GHz Wireless
Grip Style Palm, Claw
Max Polling Rate 8,000 Hz (Wired)
Battery Life 35 hrs
Sensor BAMF 2.0 26K Sensor
Max Sensitivity (DPI) 26,000 DPI
Max Speed (IPS) 650 IPS
Max Acceleration (G) 50g
RGB Lighting None
Switch Type Glorious Optical Switches
Switch Lifecycle Rated for 100M Clicks
Programmable Buttons 6
Mouse Feet 100% PTFE G-Skates
Cable Ultra-Flexible Ascended Cable (2m / 6.5ft)
On-Board Memory Profiles 3 Custom Profiles
Software Glorious CORE (Optional)
OS Support Windows, macOS, Linux
System Requirements • Available USB port • Windows 7+, Mac OS, Linux - • The latest version of Windows 11 is recommended
Included • 1× 2.4 GHz Wireless Receiver • 1× Wireless Extender Dongle • 1× Type-A to Type-C Paracord Charging Cable • 2× Feet Extensions

“These [mice] all have the best features that you would expect from the top line mice on the market today.” - HusKerrs

Optical Switch Technology, Rated for 100M Clicks

Faster click registration gives gamers an advantage in fast-paced games, while the added durability means they’ll never miss a shot that counts.

Optical switches use infrared light to eliminate delay, sending input signals to the mouse 5x faster than mechanical switches.

Supercharged Speed for a Competitive Edge

For gamers who want the absolute best in mouse performance, higher polling rates offer enhanced cursor smoothness and overall responsiveness for a competitive edge in supported titles.

Bottom of a Model D 2 PRO mouse on a black background

BAMF 2.0 Sensor

A precision powerhouse, this custom optical sensor delivers flawless tracking accuracy at speeds of up to 650 inches per second.
2.4 GHz icon

2.4Ghz Wireless Connectivity

Don't let lag drag you down. Enjoy wired-like speed and reliability with wireless freedom.
Motion Sync icon

Motion Sync Technology

Seamlessly integrates your mouse movements with your PC, ensuring a smooth and precise cursor experience at all times.
Battery charging icon

80-Hour Battery Life

The BAMF 2.0's high efficiency keeps you in the game, not by the charger. Play as you recharge with the included, super flexible paracord cable.

Model D 2 PRO

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Guide

Do I need Glorious CORE software to use a PRO 2 mouse?

For the 1KHz version, we recommend downloading our Glorious CORE software to get the latest firmware updates. For the 4K/8KHz Edition, CORE is required to enable higher polling rates on the mouse.

Can my PC take advantage of higher polling rate?

To get the best 4,000 Hz polling experience, we recommend a system with at least a 9th gen Intel Core i5 processor and a monitor refresh rate 144Hz or faster. For 8,000 Hz, we recommend a 9th gen i7 processor and a 240Hz monitor or faster.

The mouse says “4K/8KHz Edition” - can I run it at lower polling rate?

Yes, our 4K/8KHz Edition mice are capable of polling at 125, 500, 1000, or 2000 Hz. There are no minimum recommended system specs for these polling rates.
Glorious CORE software open on a PC with Model D 2 PRO 4K8K mouse on screen

Customizable Performance

Lightning bolt icon

Dedicated DPI Button

Easily switch sensitivity levels with a single button press, so you don’t have to waste time opening software. Adjust default sensitivity levels via Glorious CORE.
hexagon icon

3 On-Board Memory Profiles

Save your preferred DPI values, button remaps, and other adjustments directly to the mouse, allowing you to access them on any computer, no software required.
Line drawing icon

6 Remappable Buttons

Assign your most important functions to any of mouse’s 6 buttons via Glorious CORE. Functions can include keybinds, shortcuts, custom macros, and more.

Compare Our Mice

Compare Our Mice
Specification name Model D 2 PRO Series Wireless Mouse 4K/8KHz Edition Model D 2 PRO Series Wireless Mouse Model O 2 PRO Series Wireless Mouse 4K/8KHz Edition
Right-handed symmetrical
Max Polling Rate
8,000 Hz (Wired)
8,000 Hz (Wired)
Battery Life
35 hrs
80 hrs
35 hrs
2.4GHz Wireless
2.4GHz Wireless
2.4GHz Wireless
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