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Switch Sample Pack

The most efficient way to find your favorite switch, includes 18 mechanical switch options and 4 O-Rings dampener types.

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  • 18-pack of individual MX-style mechanical keyboard switches, including 4 Glorious switches, 6 Gateron switches, 8 Kailh switches, and 4 types of O-ring switch dampeners
  • 1× Glorious Panda Switch - Unlubed
  • 1× Glorious Panda Switch - Lubed
  • 1× Glorious Lynx Switch - Unlubed
  • 1× Glorious Lynx Switch - Lubed
  • 1× Gateron Clear Switch
  • 1× Gateron Red Switch
  • 1× Gateron Black Switch
  • 1× Gateron Blue Switch
  • 1× Gateron Green Switch
  • 1× Gateron Brown Switch
  • 1× Kailh Speed Silver Switch
  • 1× Kailh Speed Bronze Switch
  • 1× Kailh Speed Copper Switch
  • 1× Kailh Box Red Switch
  • 1× Kailh Box Black Switch
  • 1× Kailh Box White Switch
  • 1× Kailh Box Brown Switch
  • 1× Kailh Pro Purple Switch
  • 5× Glorious O-Rings 40A Thin
  • 5× Glorious O-Rings 40A Thick
  • 5× Glorious O-Rings 70A Thin
  • 5× Glorious O-Rings 70A Thick

Find everything you need to get the most out of your mechanical switches. 

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Just Your Type

Every switch has its own unique sound and feel. Experience these differences in person and make an informed decision that suits your needs with this convenient pack - a simple way to test and compare them all at once.


This switch type produces a smooth and fast, uninterrupted downstroke. Gamers typically favor linear switches due to their ability to pull off rapid and repeated keystrokes with ease.


These switches get their name from a notable tactile bump when pressed. The satisfying feedback these switches deliver makes them an ideal choice for both typists and gamers.


Clicky switches offer a typewriter-like feel with a sharp bump and audible click noise. Use discretion if you plan to use these - they are notably louder than tactile and linear options.

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Dive into our guide on mechanical keyboard switches if you want to learn even more.

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