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Panda Tactile Switches

Our legendary Panda Tactile Switches have become a golden-standard among gamers worldwide. These tactile mechanical switches features a buttery smooth operation with a snappy tactile bump.

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  • Shield logo One Year Warranty
  • Black return arrow logo 45 Day Returns
  • Features a strong tactile bump
  • MX-style design with RGB light hole
  • 49g actuation, 60g bottom out
  • 3-pin (Plate mount)
  • Compatible with: All GMMK Keyboards
  • 36× Panda Tactile Switches

Find everything you need to get the most out of your mechanical switches.

Product Guide

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Top-Tier Materials

Globally sourced materials create a buttery smooth post-bump travel that finishes with an addictive “thock” sound.

How to Install

Carefully remove the current keycaps with a keycap puller and then use a switch puller to remove current switches. Line up the new switch and carefully press into place. It’s that easy!

Optimal Compatibility

The cross style stem (+) accepts most mechanical keyboard keycaps, and a cutout allows LED backlighting to pass through. Easily plug Glorious Panda switches into any of our GMMK keyboards.

Type Tactile
Warranty 1 Year
Technology Mechanical Switch
Actuation Force 49g
Actuation Point 2.5mm
Hot Swappable Yes
LED Support No
Total Travel 3.3mm
Lubricated Available in Lubed and Unlubed
Keycap Compatibility MX-Style (+)
Bottom Out Force 60g ± Variance
Pin Count 3-Pin
Top Housing Polycarbonate
Bottom Housing Nylon PA66
Stem POM Plastic
Quantity x36
Spring 67g Nickel-Plated Stainless Steel
Mechanical Keyboard Switch Basics

The Legend Reborn

We make each switch using the original INVYR Panda tooling. This iconic switch mold gives Glorious Pandas a strong tactile bump at the start of their downstroke. 

Premium Engineering

Top Housing: Molded from original INVYR tooling with premium-grade polycarbonate

Stem: Composed of durable, low-friction POM67g

Spring: Made of nickel-plated stainless steel

Leaf: Made of premium-grade copper

3-Pin Bottom Housing: Molded from original INVYR tooling with high-quality Nylon PA66

Sound Test

Click play to hear Panda switches in action.

*Keyboard and keycaps not included.


Lubed Glorious Panda switches come with G-Lube expertly pre-applied to the upper housing, spring, and stem of each switch. Perfect for someone who is looking for fully optimized sound and performance right out of the box - no prep time or disassembly needed.


For hands-on users who prefer a more customized switch performance, Unlubed Glorious Panda switches come out of the box completely dry so you can easily apply your choice of lubricant. Check out our line of switch modding tools for the most efficient DIY switch lubing experience
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Compare Our Switches

Compare Our Switches
Specification name Panda Tactile Switches Lynx Linear Switches Raptor Clicky Switches
1 Year
1 Year
1 year
Actuation Force
Actuation Point
Total Travel
Available in Lubed and Unlubed
Available in Lubed or Unlubed
Lubed Only
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