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Glorious CORE 2.0

Get our latest software update for a completely revamped and optimized user interface, language expansion, and more.

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Broad Compatibility

CORE 2.0 is compatible with all Glorious products except the
GMMK 1, Model O/O- Wired (V1), Model D/D- Wired (V1)*

System Requirements
Windows 10+ Operating System

Please visit our Legacy Software page to download software for these products.


Before You Update

Save your devices’ custom profiles to your computer.

  • Open Glorious CORE.
  • Select a device you want to save the profile(s) of.
  • Select “Export Profile” in the top left corner.
  • Click the profile dropdown to select a different profile to export.
  • Choose the desired destination on your PC to export the profile to.
  • Uninstall Glorious CORE v1.
  • Install Glorious CORE 2.0.


Glorious CORE 2.0

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How do I download and install CORE 2.0?

Make sure you've followed the steps in "Before You Update" above before downloading and installing CORE 2.0. Next, click the Download button on the Software page. After it finishes downloading, open the file and follow the installation instructions. Windows 10+ is required.

What should I do if Glorious CORE 2.0 crashes at startup? 

1) Export any device profiles you want to save using the guide titled “Before You Update”. 2) Select Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features. 3) Find “Glorious CORE 2.0”, select More > Uninstall. 4) Find any previous version of “Glorious CORE” (1.X), select More > Uninstall. 5) Open File Explorer. 6) Search: “C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Glorious Core\”. 7) Delete the “Data” folder within the parent folder. 8) Reinstall Glorious CORE 2.0.

Are my Glorious products compatible?

Almost all Glorious products are compatible with CORE 2.0, except for: Model O/O- Wired (V1), Model D/D- Wired (V1), and GMMK 1s.

What should I do if Glorious CORE 2.0 is not recognizing my device?

1) Close out of Glorious CORE 2.0 if open. 2) Open Task Manager, select “Glorious CORE” > End Task. 3) Disconnect the device(s) not being recognized: Unplug wired devices. Remove 2.4 GHz receivers and unpair Bluetooth connections for wireless devices. 4) Open Glorious CORE 2.0. 5) Reconnect affected devices one at a time via wired connection.

Do I need to register for Glorious ID to use the software?

A Glorious ID account is not required to use CORE 2.0 to configure your products, but is necessary to access the ability to save your profiles to the Cloud.

Do I need to install CORE 2.0 to use my Glorious products?

While all Glorious products function right out of the box, we do recommend installing CORE 2.0 in order to take full control over product features and have access to any firmware updates. The 4KHz/8KHz PRO Series mice do require CORE to take advantage of higher polling rates (above 1KHz).

Legacy Software

Find software for Model O/O- Wired (V1), Model D/D- Wired (V1), and GMMK 1 keyboards on our legacy software page. CORE v1 is also available here.
View Legacy Software

Pairing Utility

Pair a replacement receiver with your Glorious mouse using the pairing utility linked below. You can also find a walkthrough here.