Glorious Ascended Cord Step-by-Step Installation Guide

This Ascended Cord installation guide is for owners of our Model O/O- and Model D/D- wired gaming mice! Follow the steps outlined below to make the process quick and straightforward.

PLEASE READ If You Have Yet to Order Your Ascended Cord

If you have not already ordered your Ascended Cord, make sure to add replacement G-Skates that match your mouse's shape and size!

To do so, select your cable color on the Ascended Cord's product page, and a new option will appear that will let you also add G-Skates to your cart before checking out!

If you have already ordered your Ascended Cord but did not add replacement G-Skates, you can order them separately on our site, here.

Tools Needed

How to Replace Your Mouse's Ascended Cord

1. Remove bottom two G-Skates under the logo with a flat head screwdriver.

2. Unscrew the housing using a Philips head screwdriver.

3. Detach the housing by pulling back on the housing towards the scroll wheel then pull up gently. Be aware of the black strips that are attached to the circuit board. Do not remove these.

4. Unplug the old cable by pulling on the white plug gently. Remove the wiring from the base of the mouse. Then remove the SR Cable under the scroll wheel.

5. Grab your new Ascended Cord and plug in the white plug into the board of the mouse. Make sure to use the right side of the plug.

6. Route the wiring between the two pegs on the base of the mouse and place the SR Cable of your new Ascended Cord in its designated housing in front of the scroll wheel. Make sure that there is ample room in front of that scroll wheel.

7. Place the housing back on and screw them in place.

8. Wipe clean the G-Skate housing area.

9. Peel the G-Skate adhesive and place them accordingly into the G-Skate border area. Press firmly for a few seconds to secure the G-Skate onto your mouse.

Mouse Not Working Properly?

RGB not lighting up? Sensor not detecting movement at all? Follow the steps and use the image below to restore your mouse using our custom software!

Note: Image shows Model O/O- software. Model D/D- has an identical user interface.

1. Run the either the Model O/O- or Model D/D- software as Administrator, depending on your mouse type.

2. Click Restore

3. Click Apply