What is Motion Sync and How it Improves Your Mouse Tracking


Oct 13 2023

Ever wonder how your mouse and PC talk to each other in gaming? Today, we're diving into the interesting world of mouse tracking technology, specifically focusing on a new cutting-edge feature found on high-performance gaming mice: Motion Sync. Don't fret if you haven't heard of it yet – by the end of this article, you'll understand how it works and how it can boost your gameplay.

From Movement to Monitor: How Mouse Tracking Works

Imagine you're playing your favorite first-person shooter, and you make a rapid move with your mouse to aim at an opponent. Obviously, that movement doesn't just magically appear on your screen. The journey begins with the mouse's sensor, which records the movement. This recorded data is then converted into “packets of data.”

These packets of information are subsequently relayed to your PC and, ultimately, the game you're playing. This all happens in a split-second event we call 'polling.' Polling rate is the frequency of these updates, usually firing off a signal every 1 millisecond.

Motion sync info graphic showing how a mouse tracks smoother

Understanding Polling Rates

The term "polling rate" might sound complex, but it's fairly straightforward. It simply denotes how frequently these polling events (or data reportings) take place. To give you an idea: most gaming mice have a polling rate of 1,000 Hz, which theoretically reports its movement data every 1 ms.

But here’s the catch. Not all sensors manage to relay data at a consistent 1 ms rate, causing them to sometimes be a slightly delayed. These discrepancies can result in jittery or inaccurate movement tracking on screen. Imagine missing a critical shot in a game just because your mouse didn't relay your movement accurately! 

To learn more about Polling Rates, read our article on the subject.

What is Motion Sync?

Motion Sync synchronizes the rate at which the mouse sends out tracking data with the rate at which the PC receives it. This allows for a reliably consistent transfer of information, which ultimately gives gamers the most consistent and accurate mouse tracking experience possible.

Our second generation mice, including the, the Model O 2 PRO & D 2 PRO, all feature the BAMF 2.0 sensor, which is designed with Motion Sync Technology. When this feature is turned on, it ensures that the communication (i.e. the data reporting) between your PC and mouse is perfectly in sync. This synchronization guarantees flawless tracking, which means no more frustrating jitters, just smooth, precise mouse movements, every time.

Bottom Line: Why Should Gamers Care?

For those indulging in fast-paced games requiring sniper-like aiming precision, having the most consistent and accurate mouse tracking is definitely a competitive boost. It’s not just about seeing movement on the screen; it’s about the reliability and assurance that every move you make with the mouse is replicated perfectly in the game. With Motion Sync, you can rest assured that your hand movements accurately mirror the cursor on the screen. 

So if you're in a high-stakes gaming moment, the last thing you want to worry about is your mouse. With Motion Sync, that's one less thing on your mind. Happy gaming!