Paracord Cables for Gaming: Why They’re the Best


Jun 20 2023

Paracord cables for gaming mice might seem like a niche topic, but for gaming enthusiasts seeking to optimize every aspect of their setup, these cables are an absolute game-changer. This post will delve into the subject, exploring why these nylon-made cords have become a staple in the gaming community for their lightweight, durable properties and the drastic improvements they offer in gameplay.

The Paracord Phenomenon

Paracord, short for parachute cord, originally saw the light of day during World War II when the U.S military used it as suspension lines for parachutes. This versatile material, known for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio and durability, has since found numerous applications, from outdoor adventure gear to crafting, and now, in the world of gaming peripherals.

Nylon, the primary material used in paracord, boasts excellent resistance to abrasion, mold, and mildew, and it's lighter than most materials with comparable strength. This lends an incredible advantage to gaming mouse cables, where flexibility and minimal weight are vital to responsiveness and precision.

Are Paracord Cables Good for Gaming?

In the world of gaming, every advantage counts, and paracord cables offer several benefits over the traditional rubber-based cables found in most gaming mice. Standard cables are notorious for their weight, limited flexibility, and propensity to tangle. Not to mention, they are more likely to deteriorate over time due to regular wear and tear.

Enter Glorious, a pioneer in the gaming industry that made paracords accessible to gamers. Glorious understood the value of lightweight, flexible, and durable cables and spearheaded the transition from rubber to paracord, giving gamers a real edge in performance.

Paracord cables, enveloped in a braided nylon sheath, provide a gaming experience so seamless that it feels almost wireless. They are incredibly light, highly durable, and provide unparalleled flexibility, greatly enhancing gaming performance. The added bonus? An assortment of colors to match your gaming setup and personal aesthetic.

But to truly elevate your gaming experience, combining a paracord cable with a mouse bungee is highly recommended. This device helps eliminate cable drag, ensuring that your mouse movements are unhindered. The Glorious Mouse Bungee is a top-notch choice and can be found here.

Paracord Cables for Wireless Gaming Mice

With the increasing popularity of wireless gaming mice, paracord cables play an essential role in the charging process. The Glorious Ascend Charging Cable, for instance, offers gamers the option to play while charging their mice. Simply connect the USB-C cable to your mouse, and enjoy uninterrupted gameplay. This innovative solution guarantees that a low battery never comes in the way of your victory!

Paracord Cables for Wired Gaming Mice

Installing a paracord cable in your wired gaming mouse requires a bit of assembly, but the benefits far outweigh the initial effort. Upgrading from stock cables to a paracord cable significantly improves mouse movements, response times, and the overall gaming experience. What’s more is that the Glorious Ascend Cable comes with a set of 100% PTFE G-Skates to maximize your mouse’s glides. 

For a detailed, step-by-step guide, you can visit this article on paracord installation. 

If you prefer a mouse with a pre-installed paracord cable, check out our selection of gaming mice, all of which come with a custom Ascended paracord cable.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the use of paracord cables in gaming mice is more than just a trend – it's a testament to the evolving needs of the gaming community. By prioritizing performance, durability, and user experience, paracord cables are revolutionizing the gaming world, one mouse at a time. So, why not elevate your gaming setup? Try the Glorious Ascend cable and check out the mouse bungee. They're sure to take your gaming experience to the next level.