Games You Can Play with 4K/8KHz Polling Rates


Nov 02 2023

If you’ve landed on this article, you either own a gaming mouse with higher polling rate capabilities, or you are curious about the benefits of them. In this article, we’ll walk you through the competitive advantages of higher polling rates and which games are capable of processing them. If you are interested in a deeper explanation of polling rates and want to read about the best practices, don’t miss our other articles on the subject. 

Before diving in, be sure to check out our latest releases, the PRO Series Mice. The Model O 2 PRO and the Model D 2 PRO both have a 4K/8KHz Edition, which are our most powerful gaming mice to date.

Why Higher Mouse Polling Rates Matter

A mouse's polling rate, in simple terms, refers to how often the mouse tells the computer where it is and what it’s doing. Most gaming mice poll at 1,000 Hz, which communicates movements and clicks to the PC up to 1,000 times per second, or every 1 millisecond. Our PRO 4K/8KHz Editions, however, can communicate up to eight times faster, providing unparalleled precision, tracking accuracy, and reduced latency.

Keep in mind that higher polling rates require more powerful system requirements, since your mouse is pushing more data to your PC. For a comprehensive guide, system requirements, and best practices, check out our article on understanding polling rates.

4K/8KHz Polling Capable Games

The benefits of higher polling rates are most useful in fast-paced games where milliseconds matter. However, similar to how you should take your system requirements into consideration, it is also important to take into account the game you are playing. Some titles, especially older ones, will ignore higher polling rates simply because the technology was not accounted for. To truly experience the advantages of elevated polling rates, you need games that are both newer and can process this surge in data. 

Here are our top picks:

1. Counter-Strike 2

Logo of CS2

In CS2, being off by even a millisecond can be the difference between life or death. A higher polling rate ensures that your flick shots are on point and that you’re always ahead of the enemy. With higher polling, the mouse delay is virtually non-existent, giving you an unmatched advantage. With quick scopes, fast reflexes, and instantaneous reactions being critical, the reduced response time can be incredibly beneficial.

2. Overwatch 2

Cover of Overwatch 2

Characters in Overwatch 2 have dynamic movements, and to keep up, you need a mouse that can track those rapid changes with accuracy. Higher polling rates ensure you never miss a beat, and you’re able to carry out consistently fluid movements. Moreover, landing that perfect ultimate can be game-changing. By fine-tuning your polling rates, you can ensure that your mouse responds exactly when you need it to.

3. Valorant

Cover of Valorant

Valorant is all about tactical gameplay. Enhanced polling rates can ensure that every micro-adjustment you make with your mouse translates perfectly on-screen. When peeking around corners or holding tight angles, the faster polling can be the competitive advantage you need to win.

4. League of Legends

Cover of League of Legends

With higher (and correctly adjusted) polling rates, the skillshot you take has a higher chance of hitting its mark thanks to the pinpoint accuracy. And in the chaos of a 5v5 team fight, having your cursor respond in real-time can ensure you unleash your abilities in the right direction.

5. Dota 2

Cover of Dota 2

Dota 2 requires quick reflexes for casting spells, last hitting, and dodging abilities. With a higher polling rate, your mouse actions are mirrored on screen with almost zero delay. Whether it’s split-second decisions during ganks or planning the next big team fight, the enhanced polling rates ensure you're always a step ahead.

4K/8KHz Polling Rates: The Bottom Line

The Model O 2 PRO and Model D 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Editions aren’t just about impressive numbers and tech specs. These mice are designed to give competitive players the edge they need. So, if you're looking to elevate your gameplay to the next level, understanding and leveraging the benefits of higher polling rates is key. But don’t just take our word for it. Dive into the aforementioned games and experience the difference firsthand. Happy gaming!