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November 14, 2022


Before using your new mouse for the first time, we highly recommend you update the firmware to get the best performance.

To Install The “Day Zero” firmware Update:

1. Download our Glorious CORE software from gloriousgaming.com/core.

2. Open the Glorious CORE application.

3. Plug your mouse into an available USB port on your PC. If you have a wireless mouse, please use the included charging cable to plug it into your PC.

4. Give Glorious CORE a moment to recognize your mouse then wait for a prompt to install the latest firmware update.

5. Follow the on screen instructions to fully update your mouse firmware.

6. Now you are ready to game.

Troubleshooting Tips

Having trouble updating your mouse's firmware? Refer to the list below for troubleshooting advice.

• Update Prompt Does Not Appear: If no update appears, click on the settings (cogwheel button) in the bottom left corner, then click the “Retry Firmware Update” button and select your mouse from the available devices list. Then follow the on screen instructions to fully update your mouse firmware.

• Update Failed: Ensure that your mouse is plugged in to the USB port and that your internet is connected. Then proceed to follow troubleshooting step one again.

• Mouse is Unresponsive:

Try resetting your mouse with the following steps:

1. Hold down the the left click, right click, and middle mouse button for 5 seconds

2. While pressing and holding these three buttons, the RGB lights should blink green

3. Your mouse should be reset to factory settings

4. Proceed to follow troubleshooting step one again.

If you're still unable to update your mouse's firmware, please contact our Customer Support Team. They will be happy to assist!

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