Build Your Own Keyboard with the Glorious Gaming Configurator

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May 19, 2023

In the world of mechanical keyboards, customization is king. If you're a keyboard enthusiast or someone who wants a truly unique typing experience, then look no further than the Glorious Configurator, a custom keyboard builder. 

At Glorious, you have the freedom to either buy a Prebuilt keyboard, ready to go out of the box, or unleash your creativity by customizing every detail of your board. With a wide range of options and accessories available, you can build your own keyboard that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

Here’s some keyboard ASMR goodness before we dive in

What keyboard size is best?

We offer an extensive lineup of keyboard sizes to cater to different user preferences. Let's take a closer look at the three prominent options available to build your own keyboard:

75% Keyboard Layout - GMMK PRO

If you desire a compact yet functional keyboard, the 75% GMMK PRO is an excellent choice. It provides you with a streamlined layout that keeps essential keys intact while maximizing desk space. What’s more, this custom keyboard has a full-body aluminum build, which gives it a satisfying heavy weight. It truly feels premium before you even use it, and is pack with enthusiast-grade features and components.  

65% Keyboard Layout - GMMK 2 Compact

The GMMK 2 Compact is perfect for those who want a smaller form factor without sacrificing essential keys. The board is more lightweight than the PRO– it still boasts the same exceptional quality, but with more entry-level components. It still has outstanding gaming performance and customizability, which raise the bar, not the price. It’s the best value for your money.

60% Keyboard Layout: GMMK 1 Compact

The GMMK 1 Compact offers the popular 60% layout, known for its minimalistic design and compact size. This edition was one of the first keyboards to debut at Glorious, and still stands the test of time.

96% Keyboard Layout (Full Size)

For those who want their numeric keypad on their board, fear not. We also offer a Full Size option with the GMMK 2. We got you.

Build the Perfect Keyboard with Glorious

When you choose the Glorious Configurator Keyboard Builder, you embark on a journey of personalization.

NOTE: When using the configurator, you can visualize each option by clicking on it. However, it is important to click “REMOVE” if you do not wish to purchase the accessory before clicking “NEXT”.

Let's walk through the steps to create your dream keyboard:

Step 1: Choose the Style

Begin by selecting the style of your board from two elegant options: Black Slate or White Ice. Both choices exude a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Step 2: Choose the Switch Plate (PRO only)

The next decision involves the switch plate. You can choose from the included high-quality aluminum plate at no extra cost. Optionally, you can take your acoustics to the next level with the sonically superior polycarbonate plate, or the premium-grade brass plate for an unparalleled typing experience.

Step 3: Select Your Switches

We offer our Glorious Panda Tactile and Lynx Linear switches, as well as some third party options. Or, you can opt out and not select any switches by simply hitting “Next”. However, not to boast, but our Panda Switches have been voted the best tactile switches in 2023 by both the Gaming Setup and Switch and Click– so we definitely recommend checking them out.

Step 4: Pick Your Keycaps

Enhance the look and feel of your keyboard with the perfect keycaps. Glorious offers a variety of options, including a striking PBT keycap collection, as well as the pudding-style Aura keycaps for RGB illumination, and more. Immerse yourself in the world of endless customization possibilities.

Optional Accessories in the Configurator

Alternate Top Frame (PRO Only)

Add a splash of color to your keyboard by opting for a different top frame. Choose from vibrant options like prism pink, aqua blue, forest green, and many more. Alternatively, you can stick with the included top frame for a classic look.

Rotary Knob (PRO Only)

Elevate your keyboard experience by adding a rotary knob. This optional accessory allows for quick and convenient volume control, and it comes in various colors to complement your setup. Swapping the knob is as easy as pulling off the current one and clicking on the new one—just seconds of effort.

Additional Gaming Accessories

The customization journey doesn't end there. Glorious offers a wide range of modding tools and accessories to further enhance your keyboard. From lube and stabilizers to keyboard carrying cases, cleaning kits, and wrist rests, you have everything you need to create a truly personalized and comfortable gaming and typing experience.

How to Build a Keyboard

When it comes to installing mechanical switches and keycaps, it's essential to be patient and do things with care. 

Begin by placing the mechanical switches onto the sockets of the barebone keyboard, ensuring that the feet align with the sockets. Take your time and carefully press each switch onto the board, making sure they are securely seated. Next, install the keycaps by gently pressing each one onto its corresponding switch. 

If you ever need to remove switches or keycaps, you must use the removal tools included with the keyboard. These tools help to prevent any accidental damage during the removal process. 

If you purchase internal components such as stabilizers or a switch plate, it's recommended to refer to our How-To guides on our YouTube channel to learn how to disassemble your keyboard carefully. 

Benefits of Building Your Own Custom Keyboard

Building your own custom keyboard using the Glorious Keyboard Configurator brings numerous advantages. First, it allows you to create a keyboard that is uniquely yours. From the layout to the switches and keycaps, every aspect can be tailored to your preferences, ensuring optimal comfort and typing pleasure.

Custom keyboards are a form of self-expression. Your keyboard becomes a reflection of your personality, style, and taste. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalistic design or a vibrant and eye-catching setup, building your own mechanical keyboard offers endless possibilities to showcase your individuality.

Lastly, building your own keyboard is just plain awesome. It's a rewarding and satisfying experience to assemble a keyboard that perfectly matches your needs. The Glorious Keyboard Builder provides you with the tools and resources necessary, including YouTube video tutorials, to guide you through the assembly process effortlessly.

The Glorious Keyboard Builder empowers you to create a keyboard that is not only functional but also a work of art. Unleash your creativity, express yourself, and elevate your typing game with a keyboard that is uniquely yours.


Can I make my own keyboard?

Yes, with the Glorious Configurator, a custom keyboard builder, you can make your own keyboard exactly the way you want. You can choose the keycaps, mechanical switches, the style, color, size, and all the accessories. Note, that components come disassembled and require simple assembly. Visit our YouTube channel to see how to put together. 

Is it cheaper to build your own gaming keyboard?

Buying a pre-built keyboard and a custom-made keyboard can have similar prices. The benefit of building your own Glorious keyboard is that if one component stops working, you only need to replace that single component. Whereas with other gaming keyboards, you need to replace the whole board. Therefore, a keyboard you make yourself is a better investment. 

What do you need to build a keyboard?

All you need is a barebone base, mechanical switches, and keycaps. That's it! The rest of the accessories are optional.

How expensive is making a custom keyboard?

Making your own custom keyboard can cost anywhere from $150 to $400, or more. It all depends on the quality of materials that you choose.

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