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Jan 18 2024

Could your setup use a reset? Well, you're in luck! We're thrilled to announce the start of our custom keyboard and gaming mice sale, HIT RESET EVENT, which features some of the finest builds and accessories. We know winter can be gloomy, so why not brighten your desk space with these unbeatable deals. 

This is your golden chance to grab high-quality gaming gear at a fraction of the price– up to a third off the original price, if we’re being exact. Save up to 33% on keyboards and mice for a limited time only. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or just starting, our sale is packed with products that promise exceptional performance without breaking the bank. Get your next mouse and gaming keyboard under $100!

Note: Sale ends Feb 12, 2024. Act fast while supplies last!

The Best Gaming Keyboard Under $100

1. GMMK 2 is 30% OFF

GMMK 2 custom mechanical keyboad

Now just $84.99 
(Regular price $119.99)

The GMMK 2 (96% Prebuilt) is a marvel in the world of gaming keyboards. Its space-saving design, combined with top-tier performance, makes it a top contender for the best keyboard under $100. This full-featured powerhouse is ideal for gamers seeking the best budget gaming keyboard without compromising on quality. The GMMK 2 raises the bar, not the price.

2. GMMK 2 (Barebones) is 30% OFF

GMMK 2 Barebones custom mechanical keyboard

Now just $59.99
(Regular price $79.99)

For those who love to personalize, the GMMK 2 96% Barebones is a dream. Available in black, white, and pink, it allows you to choose your favorite mechanical switches and keycaps. At just $59.99, GMMK 2 is a great place to start customizing your modular mechanical keyboard. Pair it with one of our discounted gaming mice (listed below), and make it the perfect keyboard and mouse combo for your setup.

GMMK PRO (75% Keyboard) at the lowest price ever

3. GMMK PRO (Prebuilt) is 33% OFF (that’s $115 OFF!)

GMMK PRO mechanical keyboard

Now $234.99 
(Regular price $349.99)

The GMMK PRO Prebuilt is the epitome of gaming luxury. This award-winning mechanical 75% keyboard is built with enthusiast components and unmatched build quality. Fully customizable to your perfect look, sound, and feel. 

With a massive $115 off, it's a steal for anyone looking to elevate their gaming experience. 

4. GMMK PRO Barebones is 18% OFF

GMMK PRO Barebones Custom mechanical keyboard

Now $139.99 
(Regular price $169.99)

The GMMK PRO Barebones Edition gives you the freedom to customize and build your own keyboard to your heart's content. Available in all colors, it's perfect for those who crave a personalized touch in their gaming setup. Choose your own mechanical switches, keycaps, or a whole host of personalized accessories. 

Up to 25% OFF Glorious Gaming Mice

5. Model O 2 Wireless is 25% OFF

Model O 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Now $74.99 
(Regular price $99.99)

The Model O 2 Wireless redefines gaming mice with its advanced technology and sleek design. Experience the game-changing design of our iconic Model O, but with next-generation technology. Available in black and white, it's a must-have for serious gamers– especially if you like fast-paced FPS games!

6. Model O Mini is 20% OFF

Model O Mini Gaming Mouse

Wired now $39.99
(Regular price:$49.99)

Wireless now $64.99 
(Regular price:$79.99)

Choose between wireless and wired versions of the Model O Mini in classic black and white. These mice are renowned for their precision and comfort, ideal for long gaming sessions. Combine is with one of our GMMK builds, and you have the perfect mouse and keyboard combo.

7. Model D Mini is 20% OFF

Model D Mini Gaming Mouse

Wired now $39.99
(Regular price:$49.99)

Wireless now $64.99 
(Regular price:$79.99)

The Model D Minus, available in both wired and wireless versions, is designed for comfort and precision. Its ergonomic mouse design allows you to play for hours without hand strain. Choose the one that fits your gaming style and enjoy enhanced gameplay.

Make It Yours

Glorious is not just about purchasing a product; it's about creating an experience. With our sale, you have the unique opportunity to customize your gaming setup. Mix and match different switches or keycaps to create a keyboard that is uniquely yours. Explore the wide array of keyboard accessories on our website, so don't miss out on the chance to personalize your gear.

Limited time only. Sale ends 2/12.

This is a limited-time opportunity that no gamer should miss. Whether you're upgrading your gaming setup or starting fresh, our HIT RESET SALES EVENT at Glorious offers unbeatable deals on some of the best gaming peripherals in the market.



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