Introducing the Model O 2 PRO and the Model D 2 PRO


Oct 04 2023

Today marks a very special launch at Glorious. We are thrilled to release four tournament-grade mice, crafted for gaming enthusiasts in need of high performance gear. Introducing the Model O 2 PRO and the Model O 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition, as well as the Model D 2 PRO and the Model D 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition. In this article, we’ll break down how we came to develop these gaming mice, and dive into each of the features for all four devices. 

A High-Performance Gaming Mouse, Years in the Making


When we first released the original Model O back in 2019, it took the gaming community by storm. We designed it with direct feedback from gamers worldwide, and we were thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive response it received. Fast-forward a few years later, we hosted a limited edition group buy, featuring an enhanced version of this device: Model O PRO Forge Edition. It was a stripped down version of the original mouse, sporting only the necessary cutting-edge tech for optimal performance at the lightest weight possible. Though we will no longer be hosting group buys, we decided to take this optimized mouse, turbocharge it with next-generation technology (more on this later), and make it one of our mainline products. 

These new mice are our highest performing mice to date, and they are available in two sizes: the Model O 2 PRO is a low-profile, symmetrical shape, suitable for all grip styles. The Model D 2 PRO, is an ergonomic shape that offers more supportive comfort for palm or claw grip. Both shapes are ideal for gamers with medium to larger hands. 

PRO Mice Series at a Glance



Optimized Weight*

  • Model O 2 PRO: 57g
  • Model O 2 PRO 4K/8K Edition: 59g
  • Model D 2 PRO: 60g
  • Model D 2 4K/8K Edition: 62g
    *There may be a ± 3g variance

Optical Switches

  • Zero double clicks through 100-million clicks
  • 0.2ms response time, 5X faster than mechanical

Next-generation Optical Sensor: BAMF 2.0

  • 100 - 26,000 DPI resolution; 650 IPS speed; 50G acceleration
  • Features Motion Sync Technology for flawless tracking. 

Available with Turbocharged 4K/8K Polling Rate*

  • Up to 8X faster response times than standard gaming mice
  • Wireless polling up to 2,000 Hz or 4,000 Hz
  • Wired polling up to 8,000 Hz
  • *Exclusive to 4K/8KHz Edition

Long Lasting Battery Life

  • Up to 80 hours at 1,000 Hz polling rate.
  • Up to 35 hours at 4,000 Hz polling rate.

2.4GHz Wireless and Wired Connectivity 

  • Dedicated 2.4GHz receiver for blazing-fast wireless connection
  • Extender dongle included to ensure best connection 
  • Play while charging using lightweight and flexible paracord Ascended cable

PRO Mice Series Features, Explained


BAMF 2.0 26K Optical Sensor with Motion Sync

Boasting a 26K DPI resolution, 650 IPS speed, and 50G acceleration, this next generation sensor flawlessly tracks even your fastest mouse swipes. Its Motion Sync technology ensures aiming feels smooth and precise without jittering or skipping.

Glorious Optical Switches 

As quick as they are durable, Glorious Optical Switches are 80% faster than mechanical models and boast a 100M-click life span with no double clicks. Thanks to their infrared technology, registering inputs requires no physical contact with the switch (whereas a mechanical one does). When a click is made, infrared light signals the mouse to operate in just 0.2ms (whereas mechanical ones take 1 millisecond or longer). 

Supercharged 4K/8K Polling Rate

Polling rate determines how many times per second a mouse reports its position to the computer. A mouse with 1K polling rate, reports its position 1,000 times per second. The 4K/8KHz Editions report mouse updates up to 8X more frequently than standard gaming mice. This allows your aim to glide and feel hyper responsive to support precise, split-second reactions. To use 8K polling, the mouse must be in Wired Mode. To get the most out of 4K/8KHz polling rates, we recommend a system with at least a 144Hz refresh rate monitor and an Intel i5 9th generation CPU.

Blazing-fast 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity

Don’t let lag drag you down. Enjoy wired-like speed and reliability with wireless freedom. 2.4GHz ensures seamless connectivity, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game without disruptions. 

Featherlight Weight

Less weight means more speed, and less fatigue. Don’t let weight slow down your reaction time. As a featherlight, competitive gaming mouse, the PRO Series mice are built for fast-paced games by minimizing discomfort and maximizing in-game responsiveness. 

Ergonomic and Ambidextrous Shapes

Award-winning Ambidextrous Shape 

Designed to comfortably fit all grip styles. Perfect for gamers with medium to large hands. The symmetrical shape keeps your hand comfortable, allowing for sustained focus, even over longer sessions.

Comfortable Ergonomic Shape

Contoured to afford additional support to palm or claw grip style. Perfect for gamers with medium to large hands. Its ergonomic design keeps your hand comfortable, allowing for sustained focus, even over longer sessions.

Optimized Shell Design 

The PRO Series mice sport a sleek, fully enclosed shell with an enhanced textured surface, giving it a comfortable grip and a premium finish. Offering cutting edge functionality and unmatched design.

80 Hours of Battery Life

Stay in the game, not by the charger. Without RGB consuming power, you can enjoy 80 hours of wireless gameplay. This ensures fewer interruptions and more focused gameplay sessions, offering you reliability when you need it most. Play as you recharge with the lightweight and super flexible paracord cable.

Model 2 O PRO and Model D 2 PRO Now Available


The Model O 2 PRO and Model D 2 PRO series represent the pinnacle of Glorious's commitment to delivering top-notch gaming gear. Rooted in years of feedback and innovation, these mice seamlessly combine next-generation technology with optimized design elements, addressing the demands of today's gaming enthusiasts. From their enhanced sensors to the enduring battery life, and from their versatile shapes to their featherlight weight, these mice stand as a testament to continuous evolution and dedication to performance. As gaming continues to evolve, so does the gear that supports it, and with the PRO series, gamers have a tool that not only keeps pace but sets new standards.



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