A Message from Our CEO, Pat Wachendorf


Oct 11 2023

Dear Glorious Community,

I'd like to start by expressing our gratitude for your support. In 2014, Shazim Mohammad (Founder and Chief Visionary) discovered that gamers, like you, were not satisfied with the current peripheral landscape, so he set out to create a better option.  This started the journey of Glorious: to create premium-quality, innovative gaming gear with direct input from the gaming community. 

Having worked for a top gaming peripherals brand for almost a decade, I was already familiar with and impressed by the Glorious legacy (starting with the world’s first fully modular mechanical keyboard, the GMMK, then with the groundbreaking Model O).  I had the opportunity to meet Shazim, and we hit it off.  His vision, leadership, and dedication to understanding the needs of gamers stood out to me.  We decided to join forces, and we have been working hard to get Glorious ready for its next stage of growth

Quote from the CEO

We want to start sharing with you some of the things that define this next stage. Over a series of upcoming posts, we’ll dive into topics surrounding the future of Glorious, what we’ve learned along the way, and of course – hand the mic over to you for feedback. Your voice matters to us, and we want to do our part for transparency. But before getting into all the exciting things we have planned, we want to address a big topic of discussion: the status of the Forge.

Moving forward, we will be injecting the ethos of the Forge into our development process. We built the Forge to implement gamer feedback into our products and leverage group buys to better serve gaming enthusiasts.  However, the realities of this system left a lot to be desired. We want the best for our customers and our fans, so after a lot of reflection, we’ve decided to formally “close” the Forge.

Conversations about new products, improvements (both hardware and software), and ideas will continue to be carried out in the Forum. Forge participants are also encouraged to join the Guild for opportunities to take part in the product development process by beta testing unreleased products and getting early access to limited edition items. To check if you are eligible, login to your account and visit gloriousgaming.com/account to see your Guild Tracker.

Through these conversations and feedback from the community, Glorious will continue to create high-performance peripherals that disrupt the gaming industry.  We love well-built things, so we build things well.  And we’re just getting started.  

A Glorious new chapter is about to unfold, and we want you to be a part of it. Without giving too much away, let’s just say we’re about to unleash raw performance on some of the products that put us on the map. More on that soon, so stay tuned.

Thank you for your passion, your continuous feedback, and most of all, for your support! 


Pat Wachendorf

CEO, Glorious Gaming 



i got a model o pro W W W W W much better than my old g502 hero


Could you please make a pro model of the Model I 2 wireless, the same as was done with, or in a similar form to the Forge Model D Pro Wireless – (GLO-MS-PDW-VIC-FORGE) I love that mouse but, I really want to aquire a pro model of the Model I 2 wireless.

The Duck:

Please make an 65% keyboard with a knob. Love the model d btw <3

Rigby :

Model o pro 2 when??


Please make a north facing version of the GMMK Pro. Or sell a north facing PCB for it.

Filtrus Commentus:

Comments are filtered? Are you guys listening to the community at all? The new Pro mice look alright, but make sure to take critical feedback. They are too expensive and the 1k version is an especially bad value (since it doesn’t even work with the 4k dongle).

You guys need to build up an entirely new brand reputation. You know about the creaking and double clicking past of your mice. I hope to see this brand genuinely improve.

Jamy Schumacher:

I’m really looking forward to future products from Glorious Gaming! It’s great to see the community being involved. On a related note, I “recently” bought the Endgame Gear XM1 mouse, and after exactly 2 years, it experienced a sensor issue. Despite that, I’m excited about what’s to come. I hope the Warranty can be extended if you pay a little extra.


Model O babyyyyyyyyy 💪

San Anh:


Rashed :

Guyyyys am waiting the new model D , hope it will released soon

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