Model O 2 Firmware Updates: Fixing Latency, Sensor Accuracy, and Precision


Jul 12 2023

We want to give an update and follow up on the Model O 2 mouse released earlier this year.

You may have heard that following the initial release of the O 2, we received some independent post-launch testing data that indicated some of the sensor performance metrics weren’t meeting the high standards we set for our mice. Internally, we reproduced the same tests and were able to confirm these results.

Our engineering teams have been hard at work to improve these metrics and bring the mouse up to the performance levels it should have been from the beginning. We are happy to share that with the recently released firmware fix, the Model O 2 mouse not only meets expectations - it has even surpassed them in multiple categories.

Here are the details:

The performance improvements we want to focus on primarily relate to 3 important factors -
1) click latency 
2) sensor accuracy
3) sensor precision.

Click latency (or, “Lag”), refers to the time it takes for a mouse button press to be registered by the computer. Ideally, this should be as low as possible for a competitive-performance gaming mouse. This is especially important during fast-paced highly precise FPS games, where rapid ultra-accurate clicks can be the difference between a 360 no scope or an entrance to the gulag.

With the updates, we have improved the click latency by 600% to an impressive 2.5 ms. This is in line with our top competitors for an A-grade performance.

The second data point we’ve addressed is sensor accuracy. This measures how consistently the mouse can track your hand movements. You’ve probably heard the term “DPI”, or dots per inch. When we talk about “accuracy,” we’re referring to how closely the mouse tracks vs the intended DPI that you set.


And third, and arguably most important, is sensor precision. This measures how reliably the mouse can track movement without any jitter or inconsistency. High sensor precision is essential for a gaming mouse, as it ensures that the cursor movement on the screen accurately reflects the user's hand movements. This allows for improved control, especially in fast-paced games that require quick reflexes and fine motor control.

With this new update, we can confidently say Model O 2 will provide truly flawless in-game performance. This will help you play better and win more. 

We apologize for the inconvenience here - our goal is to release mice that are perfect out of the box.

Please know, we’re also taking this experience as an opportunity to dramatically improve our testing procedures. Going forward, we are using a broader range of high-tech tools to run enhanced testing on every Glorious product so that we don’t similar issues again.

Thank you so much for continuing to support us. Stay Glorious.


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