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Switch Springs

Fine-tune the feel of your mechanical switches to your exact preference. Choose lighter springs for fast and effortless keystrokes, or heavier springs for a cushioned press to prevent typos.
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  • Four spring-weight options
  • Fit most mechanical keyboard switches
  • Nickel-coated stainless steel for lasting reliability


  • Compatible with standard MX-style mechanical keyboard switches
  • Not compatible with Kailh Box switches or low-profile mechanical switches
  • Clicky switches should not be paired with the Super Light springs—lighter resistance may cause issues with the switch returning after being pressed
  • If modding non-Glorious switches, it’s recommended to research various spring weights to find one that provides the desired feel without compromising the switch's functionality
  • 110× Glorious Switch Springs

40g Super Light

Perfect for experienced gamers. Activate each key with the least resistance necessary for super swift, repeated inputs and less fatigue.

55g Light

Perfect for gaming. Their light weight allows for super quick key activation, while still featuring enough resistance to prevent accidental inputs.

64g Medium

Perfect for gaming and productivity. Experience the sweet spot between comfort and speed thanks to their medium resistance level.

88g Heavy

Perfect for typists. Their higher press resistance prevents typos while cushioning each keystroke for a more comfortable typing experience.

Superior Sound and Feel

Premium stainless steel ensures a clean keystroke free of crunching and pinging.

How to Install Switch Springs

  1. Use a switch opener to disassemble.
  2. Remove all parts, including stock spring.
  3. Add the new spring in.
  4. Close the switch back up.
  5. Enjoy!

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