How to Replace the GMMK Numpad Badge


Replace the Numpad Badge


Tools Needed
• Philips #00 Screwdriver
• Dishes for Sorting Screws (optional)


1. Remove all keycaps, the rotary knob, and slider from the Numpad. You do not need to remove the switches.

2. Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of the keyboard using a #00 Philips screwdriver.

3. Carefully separate the top frame from the rest of the keyboard.

4. Remove the 2 screws that connect the badge to the top frame.

5. Align and screw in the new badge.

6. Reassemble the keyboard by replacing the 4 screws on the bottom of the keyboard.

7. Reinstall the keycaps, rotary knob, and slider.

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Important Notices

• 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
• Keep out of reach of children below the age of 10.

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Warranty Info