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Model O 2 Wired Mouse

Our legendary gaming mouse—enhanced in every way. Model O is a fusion of lightweight design and game-changing accuracy. Victory has never looked so good.

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  • Shield logo Two Year Warranty
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  • Ultralight 59-gram weight
  • 26,000 DPI BAMF 2.0 Sensor
  • Crisp switches rated for 80M clicks
  • Vibrant RGB lighting
  • Ultra-flexible Ascended Cable
  • Frictionless G-Skates mouse feet (100% PTFE)
  • Compatible with OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Software: Glorious CORE
  • 1× Model O 2

Find everything you need to get the most out of your mouse.

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Incredibly Light at 59 Grams

A lower weight allows you to move, accelerate, and stop the mouse with more precision, making it easier than ever to track targets and hit your flicks.

Paracord Ascended Cable

The Ascended Cable's lightweight paracord material and angled connection point eliminates cable drag while gaming for a wireless experience.

Frictionless 100% PTFE G-Skates

Our custom G-Skates mouse feet are thick, rounded, and made from 100% PTFE material for the smoothest glide possible across any surface.

Warranty 2 years
Shape Right-handed symmetrical shape
Size Standard
Weight 59g
Connectivity Wired
Grip Style Palm, Claw, Fingertip
Max Polling Rate 1,000hz
Battery Life None
Sensor Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical
Max Sensitivity (DPI) 26,000 DPI
Max Speed (IPS) 650 IPS
Max Acceleration (G) 50g
RGB Lighting 16.8 million color RGB (8 effects)
Switch Type Glorious Switches
Switch Lifecycle Rated for 80M Clicks
Programmable Buttons 6
Mouse Feet 100% PTFE G-Skates
Cable Ultra-Flexible Ascended Cable (2m / 6.5ft)
On-Board Memory Profiles 3 Custom Profiles
Software Glorious CORE (Optional)
OS Support Windows, macOS, Linux
System Requirements • Available USB port • Windows 7+, Mac OS, Linux
Model O 2 Wired in Black front angle view on an orange background

Model O 2

Sensor icon

Next Generation Sensor

Never miss a shot due to inaccurate tracking with our cutting-edge mouse sensor.
Light bulb icon

Customizable Lighting

Vibrant, full-spectrum RGB lighting allows you to personalize the mouse's look to match your style and setup.
Symmetrical mouse icon

Redesigned Main Buttons

Their updated hinge design, combined with our custom Glorious Switches, makes every click feel more responsive than ever before.

Blazing-Fast Sensor

Never miss a shot with pixel-perfect tracking and next-gen Motion Sync technology. The BAMF 2.0's 650 IPS tracking, 50G acceleration, and up to 26,000 DPI resolution ensure 1:1 accuracy while gaming.

Motion Sync enables you to achieve the most precise mouse tracking ever. Experience unmatched gaming accuracy with perfectly synced mouse and cursor movements. Simply switch it on using Glorious CORE.

Ultralight Speed

A lower weight allows you to move, accelerate, and stop the mouse with more precision, making it easier than ever to track targets and hit your flicks.

The brand new BAMF 2.0 delivers pixel-precise tracking at a speed of 650 IPS up to 50G of acceleration with a max resolution of 26,000 DPI.

Combined, these features allow you to hit show-stopping shots faster and more consistently than ever before.

Built For Glory

The new split-button design, paired with our custom Glorious switches, prevents pre- and post-travel for peak responsiveness.

Frictionless G-Skates mouse feet made from 100% PTFE material deliver the smoothest glide possible across a variety of surfaces.

Optimized Design

Its low-profile body is perfect for claw and fingertip grip styles, providing exceptional control in fast-paced games where every shot counts.

Snappy side buttons are easily reachable with your thumb, while the mouse's redesigned side walls prevent unwanted contact with the main buttons.

The Model O 2's surface texture has a grippier coating, preventing hand slipping during intense moments.

Plug & Play Simplicity

The Model O 2's Ascended Cable features a USB-A connector that works instantly when plugged into a PC, Mac, laptops, or gaming console. Its long, 2 m (6.5 ft) length lets it easily fit into your existing setup.

Glorious CORE 2.0 Software

Remap button functions, fine-tune sensor behavior, customize lighting, and adjust debounce time with this intuitive software. Using the software is optional, since the mouse comes with plenty of useful pre-installed keybinds.
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Compare Our Mice

Compare Our Mice
Specification name Model O 2 Wired Mouse Model O 2 Wireless Mouse Model O Minus Wired Mouse
2.4 GHz Wireless, Bluetooth 5.2 LE, Wired
Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical
Glorious BAMF 2.0 Optical
Glorious BAMF Sensor
Switch Type
Glorious Switches
Glorious Switches
Omron®️ Mechanical Switches
Switch Lifecyle
Rated for 80M Clicks
Rated for 80M Clicks
Rated for 20M Clicks
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