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Meet the world's most customizable mechanical numpad. Packed with high-tech features, the GMMK Numpad is incredibly versatile with its hotswappable design and unmatched build quality.

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  • Shield logo Two Year Warranty
  • Black return arrow logo 45 Day Returns
  • 76-Hour* wireless battery life
  • Programmable slider & rotary knob
  • CNC-machined aluminum body
  • Vibrant per-key RGB illumination
  • Dual wired/wireless functionality
  • Gasket mount plate
  • Compatible with OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • Software: Glorious CORE
  • 1× GMMK Numpad (Prebuilt)
  • 1× 6ft (1.8m) Braided Charging Cable
  • 1× Switch Puller
  • 1× Keycap Puller

Find everything you need to get the most out of your numpad.

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Aluminum Top Frame

Provides superior strength with a satisfying weight. Anodization gives the aluminum impressive scratch and corrosion resistance. Fine brushing creates a matte finish that’s smooth to the touch.

Customizable Look, Sound, and Feel

Easily swap keycaps, top frame, slider, knob, and accent badge with colorful alternatives. Modify sound and feel by plugging in almost any MX-style switches or changing out the switch plate material.

Vibrant RGB Lighting

North-facing LEDs shine directly underneath each keycap’s transparent legend for enhanced readability and a captivating look. Sidelights flank the GMMK 2’s body, producing a smooth and subtle glow.

Warranty 2 years
Switch Type 5-Pin Hotswap Support; North-Facing
Hot Swappable Yes
Size 18 Key Numpad + Clickable Rotary Encoder
Hall Effect (Rapid Trigger) No
Connectivity Dual Wired and Wireless, Bluetooth
Lighting 16.8 Million Color Per-Key LED Backlighting; Diffused Side Lights
Colors Black Slate, White Ice
Case Material CNC Aluminum
Keycap Material ABS Doubleshot
Software Glorious CORE
Max Polling Rate 1,000 Hz
OS Support Windows, macOS, Linux
On-Board Memory Profiles 3
Mounting Style Gasket
QMK Support Yes
Knob Support Yes
Layout 18 Mechanical Keys, including Clickable Rotary Encoder
Switches Glorious Fox Linear Switches (Pre-Lubed)
Dimensions 120 x 113.5 x 40 mm (4.7” x 4.5” x 1.6”)
Weight 1.9 lb (.86 kg)
Stabilizers GSV2 Premium Screw-In Stabilizers
Cable 6 ft (1.8m); Braided; USB-C 2.0
Firmware Compatibility Glorious CORE & QMK
Interface Dual (Bluetooth 5.0 LE | USB-C)
Also Included 1 x USB-C Charging Cable (6 ft / 1.8 m), 1 × Keycap Puller, 1 × Switch Puller

Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 LE

Seamlessly pairs with your PC, Mac, and mobile device. Up to 76 hours* of battery life per charge.

Bluetooth 5.0 LE technology ensures a strong, reliable connection without the need for a dongle. Quickly enable the pairing process by hitting Numlock and “+”.

Impressive battery life of 76 hours *without RGB and 28 hours at 100% RGB. Optional sleep mode (configurable in Glorious CORE) will wake up the Numpad as soon as you start typing to further extend battery life. Recharge while using the device via the included USB-C cable.

Program Powerful Macros

Optimize your workflow with convenient shortcuts and macros.

Fully programmable slider & knob to adjust app volumes independently. Experiment with different pairings, like Twitch and Discord or Spotify and your favorite game.

Remapping the Numpad’s 17 programmable buttons is quick and intuitive. Assign time-saving macros, shortcuts, and key binds with the easy-to-use Glorious CORE software.

GMMK Numpad supports open source QMK software (in wired-mode only), offering additional tools and customization features for advanced users.

Premium Quality & Durability

The GMMK Numpad delivers a premium user experience thanks to its compact metal build and high-quality components.

The numpad’s compact frame is CNC machined from anodized aluminum for long-lasting reliability. Its scratch-resistant surface and portable size makes traveling with it to the office or local coffee shop stress-free.

Pre-lubed Fox linear switches and screw-in GSV2 stabilizers provide a silky smooth typing experience. Gasket mounting and thick interior case foam gives it a satisfyingly full, rich sound.

Your Numpad, Your Aesthetic

The ultimate desktop companion, GMMK Numpad’s customizable aesthetic makes it a must-have addition to your setup.

Customize its RGB lighting to match your mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals for a cohesive look. Or toggle between vibrant lighting effects by simply hitting Num Lock + 6.

Take aesthetic customization to a new level by swapping the numpad’s top frame, keycaps, slider, knob, badge, and plate with custom-designed alternatives.

No cables, no problem. Position the GMMK Numpad wherever you want on your desk. No software download or open USB port is required.

Quick & Easy Software Customization

Take your GMMK Numpad’s functionality to the next level by customizing its layers and profiles in just a few clicks with Glorious CORE 2.0. Easily toggle between custom layers and profiles with shortcuts, like Num Lock + 3. Choose from an extensive library of keybinds, macros, shortcuts, and more - or create your own.
Download Glorious CORE 2.0

Compatible with All Your Devices

Pair the GMMK Numpad to your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone regardless of operating system thanks to Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy.** No dongle or open USB port is required. Pairing the numpad via Bluetooth is simple – just tap ‘Numlock’ and ‘+’ to enable pairing mode. **Some of the numpad’s features may not be available on some device operating systems, but its core functionality should remain intact.

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