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Gateron Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches that are backlight SMD-LED compatible with (+) stem. Compatible with the GMMK keyboards and most mechanical keyboards. Come in various flavors.
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  • Shield logo One Year Warranty
  • Black return arrow logo 45 Day Returns
  • MX-style design with RGB light hole
  • 3-pin (Plate mount)
  • Manufactured and produced by Gateron
  • 120 (±1) Switches per pack
  • Unlubed
  • Compatible with: 3-pin Hotswap Keyboards including all GMMK keyboards & Numpad
  • 120× Gateron Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Find everything you need to get the most out of your mechanical switches.

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Black Smooth linear switch with a heavier actuation force than Gateron Reds.
Blue Satisfyingly clacky switch with a notable tactile bump.
Brown Tactile/linear switch hybrid with a slight bump on actuation.
Clear Linear switch with a notably light actuation force for minimal fatigue.
Green Clicky switch with notably higher operation force for typing.
Red Lightweight, smooth linear for quick responsiveness in games.

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