GMMK PRO Possible QMK Compatibility Impacts from Global Chip Shortage (Updated 8/21)

Glorious HQ

April 22, 2021

Update (8/21):

Several months ago we announced that there was the possibility we would have to switch our ARM microcontroller to a new chip. This was primarily due to the fact that the ST32 microcontrollers in our boards are very difficult to source at scale right now given the current state of the supply chain (I’m sure you’ve read a lot about the global chip shortages already). In the event we had to switch over the chip, this would have potentially resulted in a temporary loss of compatibility with QMK/VIA until we were able to complete the firmware development.

Fortunately, we have thus far been able to source enough ST32 chips to continue production with them for the foreseeable future. This has also fortunately given us plenty of time to finalize development of QMK/VIA compatibility for the new chip in the event we have to switch over sometime next year, so there should not be any loss of compatibility on production units.

So in summary, we no longer expect any outages of QMK/VIA compatibility in new boards.

What Is The Situation?  

You may have read there is currently an ongoing global shortage of semiconductor microchips. This is affecting supply chains across a huge range of industries, from automotive to computer manufacturing. As a result, the ARM microcontrollers we use to power the GMMK PRO firmware are in extremely short supply.

While we have been able to source enough of the MCUs to produce GMMK PROs so far, there have been repeated delays and difficulties getting a hold of enough to meet the level of production demand. Fortunately, our engineers have identified a more widely available chipset that can be used as a replacement.

We have enough of the current MCU to support production through Q3 (July) 2021. If we cannot source enough of the current MCUs, we plan to switch to the new chip from Q3 onward.

How Does This Affect QMK Compatibility?

This new chipset does not support QMK compatibility by default. Our team is actively working on developing this functionality, but this process will take some time. At this point it is unclear if we will have QMK support ready by the time keyboards are being produced with the new chip.

This means there may be a period of time when new GMMK PRO boards do not have QMK support out of the box. To be clear, we 100% intend to make this functionality work, but for some users it may need to be added via a software/firmware update at a future date.

Unfortunately, we cannot give any exact dates due to the fluid nature of the situation. We will continue to update our social media channels and our blog to keep you informed.

Note: To clarify, this compatibility would only possibly affect boards produced in Q3 onwards. This would not affect existing boards in customers hands or those already in production.

There is also a chance that we’re able to get a hold of enough of the original MCUs that this won’t be an issue. At this point we’re planning for every precaution.

When a new reservation is placed, customers will be given a prompt to indicate if their unit may possibly be affected by this change. If you didn’t get a prompt, then your board will not be affected.

Why Is This Happening?

The global chip shortage is being fueled by many factors coming to a head, causing supply crunches across industries ranging from cars to planes to home appliances to computers (and of course, keyboards).

Like so many issues these days, COVID19 is at the heart of the problem. Throughout the pandemic, many consumer products which use these chips have seen unprecedented levels of demand. And as global economies recover, this demand is continuing to surge.

And because over the years many chip manufacturers have opted to invest into expanding production into newer, more expensive technologies, rather than the mass-market chips which are in highest demand right now, they haven’t been able to keep up.

Making matters worse, fires at chip factories, trade disputes, COVID shutdowns, labor strikes, and more have confounded the problem. It has been a perfect storm that has ripple effects throughout the entire world’s supply chain.

Unfortunately, since it takes a lot of time and money to expand production at these high-tech production facilities, it's not something that can be solved overnight. At this point there is a lot of uncertainty how long it will last.

Lucky for us, Glorious is still a relatively small company, so we’re able to adapt on the fly to these rapidly changing conditions.

For more information, check out this article on the subject from Nasdaq.



I ordered a white GMMK Pro on August 11th and got it today. It supported QMK right out of the box!

August 16, 2021

Steven Tang:

Don’t worry guys! I ordered mine April 4th at 1:45 and got my Flexbatch email today, June 24th. It’ll come and I hpe this put you all at ease knowing a time frame

June 25, 2021


Ordered mine april 15th. Flex batch orders are being completed today. I got my email and is shipping in a couple days.

June 24, 2021

Stephen Castro:

email received today, order placed! cant wait!

June 24, 2021


I received a status in my personal account, about the completion of my reservation, but I did not receive a message in my mail. ok, I wrote to support and they sent me a unique link to complete my reservation, but this link was broken and I cannot complete my reservation. After a while, the status disappeared from my personal account. And support is silent, a good joke, but today is June 23rd and not April 1st …

June 23, 2021

Clayton Walker:

My account shows “You are currently qualified to complete your GMMK Pro Reservation. Please check your email. However, I have not received the email.” However, I have not received the email… hoping its just some delay.

June 23, 2021

Stephen Castro:

made my order on April 13th, no notification. About a week more to go…?

June 23, 2021


I ordered mine on Apr 26, 2021.
My order Status: Fulfilled
but I have not received any e-mail about completion of my order.
I thought I’m a kind of patient person.
I realized that I’m not.

June 22, 2021


I ordered mine on Apr 26, 2021.
My order Status: Fulfilled.
I have not received any e-mail about completion of my order.
I thought I’m a kind of patient person.
I realized that I’m not.

June 22, 2021


I don’t know why everyone here hasn’t gotten there flex batch board but i got mine on june 8th…

June 17, 2021


@PC Dude

I ordered mine around 3 months ago and it still says unfulfilled, just be patient my dude.

June 15, 2021

PC Dude:

Anyone still waiting for Q2 Flex batch??? Ordered mine about a month ago already, still says ‘Unfulfilled’

June 14, 2021


I did not get to choose my keycaps when I bought it?
I watched some youtube videos

June 07, 2021

Enbo Ye:

I want my money back

June 04, 2021


Just got the tracking number for the flex batch black GMMK Pro I reserved in February. Not sure why everyone is complaining about not getting theirs yet, we still have over a month until Q2 is over.

June 01, 2021


I’m very disappointed. I expected full programmability and QMK/VIA compatibility when I pre-ordered my board and we still don’t have that yet.

You haven’t been able to deliver on that functionality yet, and you somehow propose to be able to do so while adding support for an additional chipset?

The GMMK software configurator is an absolute joke, and attempting to use QMK disables RGB and rotary controls. The choice is between two crappy implementations. Focus on one and make it feature rich and complete, then work on the other. Right now there’s two half baked implementations and looks like it’s going to be even longer to get a finished solution for either one since you are trying to support another chip.

May 26, 2021

Hacer Kevser:

Please put BT communication and USB-C

May 24, 2021


I guess I am going to have to buy a new board in the meantime .. seems it will be close to next year before the GMMK PRO will be out again ..

May 20, 2021


Has anyone on here got their flex batch at all? I placed my reservation back in mid December and was just reaching out to see if anyone else has gotten anything back yet.

May 20, 2021

Still holding out...:

Thanks for the info. Maybe take some help from the community? There are tons of people sitting around with time on their hands and ideas on how to fix some of these compatibility problems, I’m sure. Biggest thing I’m disappointed in is the lack of a time frame, but I’m new to this keeb enthusiast hobby and it seems common to be waiting a while for boards to come in the mail.

May 17, 2021

Jesse Mar Ramirez:

you guys are doin your best! keep up the good work!

May 12, 2021

From concerned observer:

This comment section needs someone to call the wambulance… like stat.

May 10, 2021


What about promised VIA support?

May 04, 2021


just give us something that can clear our mind – everyone’s waiting. I placed my reservation early this year and it looks like people who ordered back in december 2020 are still waiting. Atleast a rough ETA would be nice

May 04, 2021


@Daniel Christensen lol you ordered like 6 weeks ago, some people have been waiting like 6 months, calm down

May 04, 2021


Well this is one of the only advantages this had over the prebuilt competition. The gasket system is el-cheapo from what the reviews showed and the stabilizers are pretty bad, not to mention the issues the plates have with actually decent stabilizers like Durock.

A bit of a cursed product, hope you guys sort stuff out and v2 will be out with all the feedback provided from the community incorporated.

May 04, 2021


Please make the Glorious software compatible with MAC! This is a must have for newcomers who don’t use windows.

May 04, 2021

Vincent S Fortaleza:

I’m curious as well where my position is on the flex batch list. Would it be possible to notify the community by *EX: reservations made on (Date) thru (Date) will be receiving their link to complete their reservation/order? If thats too much to ask then sorry i guess? I know the ship got stuck and deliveries/imports/exports came to a halt but shiiiiit I’m impatient, but clarity will keep me calm =] its that “unknown” kind of answer/reply thing that gets my psycho side to come out

May 03, 2021

Ali :

VIA, please.

May 03, 2021

Daniel Christensen:

Placed my reservation 25 / 3 / 2021. still waiting for confirmation email

May 03, 2021

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