Are you ready for the Glorious D?

Shazim M

November 01, 2019

Ergonomic. Comfortable. Lightweight. 

Your hands will love the Glorious D.

Coming December 2019.



Jimmy ronald:

Please make a model d- with. Please!! I would buy three.

March 08, 2020

Jacob A Cookson:

Will the D- be smaller like the model o- I’m looking for a lightweight mouse that’s the shape and size of the deathadder. Glorious make great mice when the QC is fixed. Love the look and feel but I had to switch back from the model o, far to flat and ambi mice don’t do it for me anymore, I had bad wrist pain and pinky cramps, switched back to deathadder and it went away so, I need one the size and shape of the deathadder if not even bigger. Will buy the D unless the D- is bigger, I’m assuming smaller but who knows.

November 22, 2019

Alberto Del Rio:

Final Who?

November 09, 2019


“Glorious D” lmao

November 05, 2019


Two large feet > four small.

November 04, 2019

Vishnu :

What’s the weight and I lowkey cant wait until this years black friday I am getting like 3 mice include the model o- and a gpro wirless and a ul 2 off Amazon and maybe the model D in the future…..

November 04, 2019



November 04, 2019



November 04, 2019


Have you guys fixed the disconnecting and reconnecting problems on the model D?

November 02, 2019

Oscar Cedeno:

You have to create a Model D-. A little smaller than Zowie EC-A or EC2-B for small hands 17cm-9.5cm like me. A really Palm grim mouse. Model D for Big hands and Model D- for small hands. Do this and take my money 😉

November 02, 2019


it g wolves skoll

November 02, 2019


Bought model o the day it came out I use it heavily everyday no problems. Want the bigger buttons on the model D though…

November 01, 2019


Will there be a minus (D-) version?

November 01, 2019


What is the weight of this mouse?

November 01, 2019


When’s preorder?

November 01, 2019

Andy :

this is going to be perfect for me, coming from a death adder elite can’t wait!

November 01, 2019

TDS Momo on TY:

I’m hype already, and I want to preorder it asap. I purchased a model o few months ago the wire got bad last week but… Support was super nice to send a new cable with the color of my choice. I have the huge mousepad and the mouse getting the keyboard in the future 100%. I’m happy to say I will preorder this

November 01, 2019


Really good product, good customer service and good quality!
Havent had a single problem with the Model O
Im looking forward to this model! Great work!

To the Haters :
You get threated the way you threat people… so to all the haters, eat healthy and try to cool down, because nothing is perfect! And if you belive, everything will work out eventualy!

November 01, 2019

Ed Farnbauch:

Hoping for massive. Large hands. Last one was like a baby mouse.

November 01, 2019


For all you nay sayers out there that had issues with some of your first generation model 0, that doesn’t apply to everyone before you try start selling your garbage rhetoric.
I pre-ordered the first generation mice, got the first one to ship out and still have zero issues so it doesn’t apply to everyone. As far as the economic shape, Zowie is not the first person to do ergonomic, in fact there’s many before them that did it so they’re not copying anybody. hardware is always going to be hit and miss on the first generation, it’s part of production and learning your design flaws. Every company has been through it including Zowie, Razor, Final and countless others. I have been PC gaming since the ‘90s, let me tell you there’s some seriously s***** mice out there, some of them coming from companies that now sell outstanding products.

November 01, 2019

Yazan Alamari:

why no love for left-handed gamers…?

November 01, 2019

Oscar :

I’m not surprise to find other owners of the model O & – complaining about the same issues with the mouse cord. I legit had the mouse, for less than a week, and the cord gives out and it’s hot to the touch! U go online, and there’s a lot post about the same complaints . You address it to there customer service there’s reply’s are like bots 0 gratitude they don’t even have the decency of expediting your replacement, for a mouse that there selling you with defects that there aware, but still sale it to u with a straight face lol shame on them! Mouse of the year they say? Only way to put it is, it’s trash.

November 01, 2019

Collin Stewart:

Is this one going to basically shut down every 5 seconds just like the model o. I had 3 model o’s and they all broke after 1 month please fix this I’m so frustrated. If so this mouse is going to be garbage

November 01, 2019


Specs please? I’m only interested if it’s 120 in length or shorter. (no bigger than ec2b).

November 01, 2019


I wish it was wireless

November 01, 2019

Michael :

I legit love it. Already switched all my stuff too glorious products..I’m so stoked for this model D!!!!

November 01, 2019


Nice can’t wait for wireless to drop in the future

November 01, 2019


When can we pre-order?

November 01, 2019


Yo! Waiting for it

November 01, 2019

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