The Best Wireless Gaming Mice for Small Hands (2021)

Glorious Zach

October 27, 2021

Choosing your perfect wireless gaming mouse is more than just the best sensor, mouse buttons, shape, etc. It's important to factor in the overall size of the mouse and how well it fits in your hand. But why does that really matter?

It can be likened to forcing yourself to wear shoes that are one size too big. At first, it can seem fine, but after a mile or so, you start to really regret your decision as your feet begin to ache, blister, and trip over the shoes' unwieldy size. Similarly, using an ill-fitting gaming mouse can lead to bothersome hand cramping after extended use, create uncomfortable friction on your palm or fingers, and make it difficult to pull off split-second maneuvers during gameplay.

The Importance of a Proper Fit

If you have smaller hands, a compact gaming mouse can mitigate these issues, leading to an overall more comfortable experience. Not stretching your fingers to get a secure grip on the mouse reduces hand strain and fatigue over time. A smaller form factor also reduces unwanted contact points that can lead to uncomfortable rubbing. And having a firmer grip on the mouse's body helps improve control during high-intensity gameplay by reducing the potential for slipping. Finally, smaller mice are typically more lightweight than their larger counterparts, leading to even more control. If you think a compact wireless mouse is meant for you, check the following recommendations:

Glorious Model O- Wireless

Model O- Wireless, or MOMW, is the lightweight, wireless gaming mouse of choice if you want a compact mouse with an ambidextrous shape. It utilizes the award-winning body design of our original Model O gaming mouse condensed into a smaller overall footprint, making it the ideal choice if you have small to medium-sized hands. It's also currently the lightest mouse in our lineup, coming in at a mere 65 grams. With the MOMW, you'd be hard-pressed to find an ambidextrous mouse that offers the same amount of control for users who prefer a smaller shape.

Dimensions of the Model O Wireless (Left) compared to the Model O- Wireless (Right)

Glorious Model D- Wireless

The Model D- Wireless, or MDMW, is the more compact version of its older brother, the Model D Wireless. Unlike the Model O- Wireless, MDMW has a right-handed ergonomic shape that emphasizes comfort over extended periods. While smaller than most wireless gaming mice, its unique shape remains satisfyingly substantial with impressive palm support. This added support mitigates the potential for hand cramping during intense gameplay or long productivity sessions. MDMW weighs a mere 67 grams, making it glide across your mousepad with minimal effort or strain.

Dimensions of the Model D Wireless (Left) compared to the Model D- Wireless (Right)

Wrapping Up

If you require a smaller mouse to accommodate your hand size, look no further than these excellent wireless options. Don't let their small stature concern you - they feature the exact same innovative technology found in their larger counterparts. Lag-free wireless connectivity, industry-leading battery life, and our proprietary BAMF wireless sensor can be found in both the MDMW and MOMW at affordable prices unmatched by our competition!

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