Best PC Gaming Date Ideas for Valentine's Day 2022

Glorious Zach

February 10, 2022

PC Gaming with a loved one is like raising a newborn child; it’s rewarding, requires teamwork, and drains your wallet of every penny. They say a couple who plays together, stays together. So, we wanted to make this Valentine’s Day special for you with a brief guide to the perfect gaming date ideas. Set your keyboard’s RGB to low, stream some smooth lo-fi beats, and let’s get started.

1) Dress for the Date You Want

Before any gaming-related date, it’s important to get comfortable. Your couch, or desk, is not the local steakhouse. So throw on those sweatpants, take off the makeup, and grab the most comfortable blanket in arm’s reach – your cat probably won’t judge.

2) Play a Creative Co-Op Classic

In an era where couch co-op seems like a dying genre, looking at you Halo, it’s exciting to see a game like “It Takes Two” come out. Winner of Steam’s 2021 “Better With Friends Award,” you’re sure to have a blast together. Plus, it lets you ride frogs like little horsies, what else could you want?

3) Take the Backseat

Sometimes it’s fun just watching someone else experience a game for the first time. If you have one in mind that truly blew you away, let them give it a shot. You can just sit back, sip your drink, and smile knowing they’re about to walk into that same trap you’d fallen for.

4) Do a Double Date

You and your partner have been playing Jackbox trivia for months now. Why not show off your skills? Invite other couples for an evening of games, drinks, and absolute domination when you’re the only ones who know the capital of Zimbabwe. Harare... It’s Harare.

5) For the Hopeless Romantic

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day and, for some reason, wanted to read this article meant for couples, look no further than Hatoful Boyfriend. This popular dating sim revolves around romancing love interests of the avian persuasion. You may even see a booby or two, blue-footed of course.

Wrapping Up

A good piece of advice, and the final section to round out our guide. We hope it sparked some fun gaming-related date ideas for the upcoming holiday of love. Whether you’re in a relationship or flying solo this year, let us know what you end up doing – would love to hear from you! Just…keep it PG, please.

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