Close up of exploded view of BAMF 2.0 mouse sensor
Close up of exploded view of BAMF 2.0 mouse sensor
Close up of exploded view of BAMF 2.0 mouse sensor

BAMF 2.0 Optical Sensor Features Explained

With an expanded DPI range, increased IPS speeds, and enhanced power efficiency, BAMF 2.0 takes competitive performance, customizability, and wireless battery to new heights.

BAMF 2.0 Explained

Flawless Accuracy

BAMF 2.0 reliably tracks your mouse movement at a competitive velocity thanks to its 650 IPS read speed and 50G acceleration. From the fastest flicks to the slowest, pixel-precise adjustments, BAMF 2.0 captures each of your movements flawlessly.

Model O 2 Wired mouse in Black features 650 IPS speed

650 IPS Speed

IPS, or Inches Per Second, is how fast your mouse can be moved while still accurately tracking its position. At 650 inches per second (or 54 feet per second!), BAMF 2.0 delivers powerful accuracy at competitive speeds, so your target aim is always on point.

Model O 2 Wireless in White offers 50G acceleration

50G Acceleration

Acceleration measures how accurately a mouse records sudden changes in velocity. For example, slowly scanning for targets in a game, then quickly flicking to acquire one that appears.

The BAMF 2.0's 50G acceleration ensures even the quickest stops and accelerations are accurately captured, ensuring you're right on the money in split-second engagements.

BAMF 2.0 Explained

Precision Control

Every gamer has their own sensitivity preference based on their playstyle and game of choice. The BAMF 2.0 Sensor gives you ample control to fine-tune your mouse’s sensitivity, offering a wide range from 100-26,000 DPI and adjustable LOD.

Model I 2 Wireless in white offers up to 26,000 DPI

26,000 DPI

DPI, or Dots Per Inch, refers to the sensitivity in your mouse. A higher DPI means the cursor moves further on the screen for every inch you move the mouse (and vice versa).

BAMF 2.0 not only offers an ample range to choose from, Glorious mice can cycle through six preset DPI settings, so you can adjust your sensitivity in-game, on the fly. Find your DPI sweet spot to match your playstyle with Glorious CORE 2.0.

Model D 2 Wired in Black offers a 1-2mm lift off distance

1 - 2 mm LOD

LOD, or lift-off distance, is the height at which a sensor stops tracking movement when the mouse is lifted off its surface. Since gamers often need to reposition their mouse, keeping your LOD low prevents unwanted cursor behavior.

With the ability to lower the BAMF 2.0’s sensor to 1 mm, you won’t need to worry about unintended cursor movements, so you can just enjoy the game.

BAMF 2.0 Explained

Power Efficiency

For wireless gamers, power efficiency is crucial for optimal performance. The BAMF 2.0 Sensor lets you choose between two reliable modes of wireless connectivity to match your needs.

Bottom of the Model I 2 Wireless mouse in Black showing the switch for 5.2 LE Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth Mode | Exclusive to V2 Family Mice

Perfect for gaming on-the-go or general productivity. Enjoy up to 210 hours* of uninterrupted gameplay with Bluetooth 5.2 LE (Low Energy). You can also seamlessly pair with tablets, laptops, and other compatible devices.  

*Measured with RGB off.

Model O 2 Wireless mouse in White shown next to the wireless receiver extender for 2.4GHz wireless connection

2.4 GHz Wireless Mode

Perfect for fast-paced titles and competitive gameplay. Delivering up to 110 hours* of lag-free connectivity, 2.4 GHz mode ensures a super fast connection via the included receiver.

*Measured with RGB off.

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