Why the Model O Wireless is the Best FPS Mouse


May 05 2023

If you're a gamer, you know that having the right equipment can make all the difference. And when it comes to FPS games, the mouse you use can be the difference between sweet, sweet victory or bitter defeat. That's why the Glorious Model O wireless is widely known as the best FPS mouse on the market.

Renowned YouTuber BadSeed Tech named the Model O Wireless a disruptive mouse in the gaming industry. See the full review here for yourself. 

But don't just take BadSeed’s word for it. In 2023, the Gaming Setup rated the Glorious Model O as the best gaming mouse for FPS games. Their review highlighted the mouse's lightweight design, customizable options, and great performance as key factors in their decision. You can read their full review on the Model O Minus (the smaller version) here. 

Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the specifics that make the Model O the best FPS mouse.

The Perfect Design

First and foremost, the shape of the Glorious Model O is perfectly designed for FPS games. It has a low profile, which makes it easy to control with small movements. The mouse is available in two sizes, so if you have smaller hands, you can get the O-, and if you have larger hands, you can opt for the O. Additionally, the shape is great for claw grip, which many FPS gamers use to control their mouse with precision.

Play While Charging

The Model O Wireless comes with a flexible paracord cable that allows you to play while charging. The battery life lasts up to 71 hours (it is important to turn off the RGB if you want to reach max potential), so when it’s time to top up, you can simply connect the cable and keep playing.  

Choose the Mouse Right for You

Another great feature of the Glorious Model O is the amount of customization it offers. There are a ton of different color and surface options to choose from, so you can find one that matches your setup. You can choose between wired or wireless, black or white, matte or glossy, and lastly, bigger or smaller in size.

6 Programmable Buttons

When it comes to the buttons, the Glorious Model O wireless doesn't disappoint. The primary buttons and scroll wheel feel great to click, and they're responsive enough to keep up with even the fastest movements. Additionally, the cable has been improved from previous models, so you can use it wired without any issues.

Ultralight Weight

One of the best things about the Glorious Model O wireless is how light it is. Weighing in at just 69 grams, it's one of the lightest wireless gaming mice on the market. This lightness makes it easy to move quickly and precisely, which is especially important in FPS games where split-second reactions can be the difference between a win or a loss.

The Bottom Line

Overall, if you're looking for a mouse that's perfectly designed for FPS games, you can't go wrong with the Glorious Model O wireless. Its lightweight design, customizable options, and great performance make it a top choice for serious gamers everywhere.