Why the GMMK 2 is the Best Keyboard for Gaming


May 05 2023

If you're a gamer looking for a keyboard that you can customize, then the Glorious GMMK 2 is the perfect choice. This custom mechanical keyboard has everything you need for the ultimate gaming experience without breaking the bank.

It Comes in Full Size & Compact 65% Keyboard Sizes

The GMMK 2 comes in two sizes: the compact 65% and 96% full-size layout. Both share the same price, so the size you choose is entirely up to your needs. These space-saving designs give you more desk real estate to move your mouse around, which is crucial for gamers who need precision and accuracy in their movements. 

For the 65% keyboard edition, you can save the most space on your desk without sacrificing essential function and arrow keys. Moreover, the detachable USB-C cable on both sizes also make transportation and storage much more convenient.

For the 96% keyboard edition, you get all the keys you've come to expect from a traditional full size keyboard in a footprint only slightly larger than a standard Tenkeyless (TKL) board.

Its a Hotswap Keyboard for Peak Performance & Durability

Hotswap keyboards like the GMMK 2 are a type of mechanical keyboard that allows you to easily replace individual switches without soldering. This feature provides benefits for both gaming performance and keyboard durability:

  • Gaming Performance: The GMMK 2 lets you customize its switches to match your gaming preferences. You can choose different switch types (linear, tactile, or clicky), improving your comfort and gaming experience. This customization can lead to faster reaction times and better in-game performance.

  • Keyboard Durability: Over time, mechanical switches can wear out or malfunction. With the GMMK 2, you can replace only the faulty switches instead of buying a whole new keyboard. This not only saves you money but also extends the life of your keyboard. Additionally, you can easily clean or maintain the keyboard by removing and reinserting the switches as needed, further enhancing its durability.

It Includes Enhanced Linear Gaming Switches

The GMMK 2's custom Fox switches are excellent for gaming due to their linear style, which ensures the fastest and most consistent key presses for peak gameplay performance. Note: The Barebones kit does not include switches.

Their pre-lubricated parts further enhance this performance by providing a smoother press and unbeatable sound, making them even better than other gaming keyboard switches. Lastly, the clear casings allow for bright and vibrant RGB lighting, adding to the gaming atmosphere and aesthetic. 

Its Available as a Barebones Keyboard Kit

The GMMK 2 is available in two forms: Prebuilt or Barebones. The Prebuilt version comes ready to use straight out of the box with keycaps and switches included. Then later on, you can experiment with different keyboard accessories. 

On the other hand, the Barebones version allows you to handpick your own switches and keycaps, so you can have the exact keyboard you want. Using our GMMK 2 configurator, you can build your own custom keyboard down to the last detail. Already have the switches and keycaps you want to use? You can purchase just the Barebones board without any add-ons!

Its the Best Keyboard Investment You Can Make

Overall, the Glorious GMMK 2 is the perfect custom keyboard for gamers. It is both hot-swappable and customizable, and along with its space-saving layouts, it is an excellent choice for gamers who demand high-performance and precision. And with its unbeatable value and longevity, it's a keyboard that will serve you well for many years to come.

Whether you're an avid gamer or just starting out in the hobby, the GMMK 2 is the perfect keyboard for you. So if you want the ultimate gaming experience, be sure to give it a try.