Top 5 Reasons to Own a Coiled Keyboard Cable


Jun 22 2021

We have all done it. You scroll through Reddit looking at dream keyboard builds, and you wonder, "how in the world do I get a keyboard to look that cool?" Well, one of the easiest ways to create a clean, complete-looking keyboard build is to have a coiled cable attached to it! Go back through all those build images, and you will notice a consistent piece that ties it all together: these beloved cables. In this article, we will break down the top five reasons to own one of these swirly treasures and explain an easy way to get one quickly and affordably for your cherished board! The consistent element that ties every dream build together, coiled cables transform the mundane into an aesthetically pleasing and functional work of art.

In this article, we delve deeper into the world of coiled cables, explaining the top five reasons why they make a worthy addition to your beloved keyboard. Moreover, we offer insight into acquiring one quickly and affordably without compromising on quality.


A key factor that sets coiled cables apart from conventional keyboard cables is their remarkable durability. Unlike traditional rubber construction, coiled cables are typically made of a braided nylon material. This gives them robust resistance against fraying and catastrophic damage, extending their lifespan significantly.

You might wonder, "how often does this durability matter?" Consider this - repeated use can quickly cause cheap plastic cables to kink and break. With coiled cables, however, such concerns are a thing of the past. They are designed to withstand extensive periods of use, retaining their functionality and aesthetic appeal.


Adding to their allure is the ability to customize coiled cables to match your keyboard build or desk setup perfectly. The outer braided nylon layer maintains its color vibrancy over time, offering a wide spectrum of stunning cable color combinations.

While commissioned cords do require time and money to produce, there's no need to fret if you're seeking affordability and availability. Check out our line of Glorious Coiled Cables, available in a wide variety of primary colors to complement your keyboard's aesthetic at a pocket-friendly price.


If you've ever grappled with a tangled keyboard cable amidst the jumble of cords under your desk, you'll appreciate the spiral design of coiled cables. Their kink-resistant nature keeps your desk looking neat and well-organized, laying perfectly flat for that serene, Reddit-worthy aesthetic. It may seem like a small detail, but it is this clean, orderly look that makes coiled cables a popular choice among keyboard enthusiasts.


Coiled cables aren't just about the coils. A notable feature is the chunky metal aviator that bisects them. With an oversized, retro look, these 5-pin connectors allow you to disconnect your cable quickly and with ease. This is ideal for those who enjoy switching up their setup regularly. You can mix and match different cable halves, creating endless combinations for a refreshing look each time.


Let's face it; coiled cables are a pleasure to behold and use. They bring a timeless touch of class to any keyboard build, adding a final premium touch that sets your setup apart. The hefty aviator, the playful coils, and the endless possibilities for color customization make coiled cables more than just functional accessories – they are fun elements that elevate your tech experience. Our Glorious Coiled Cables offer high quality without the lag-time of a group buy, making them the perfect addition to your setup.


Coiled cables are more than just a trendy accessory. They offer durability, customization, a clutter-free experience, easy disconnect options, and most importantly, they add an element of fun to your keyboard setup. If you're looking to transform your regular keyboard into a visually pleasing, functional masterpiece, coiled cables could be the missing piece of the puzzle you've been searching for. Invest in them, and watch as your keyboard setup takes on a whole new level of appeal.

Do you own a coiled cable? If so, what's your favorite aspect of using it? We would love to hear about your experience and why you find coiled cables so captivating. Share your thoughts in the comments section below – your insights might inspire others to explore the fantastic world of coiled cables!