To Flex or Not to Flex? Meet the Most Versatile 75% Keyboard


May 12 2023

The GMMK PRO is an enthusiast-grade 75% keyboard with 3 ways to build. The million-dollar question is: how much flexibility do you want your build to have?

Attention keyboard enthusiasts: The GMMK PRO is so much more than an enthusiast-grade hotswappable 75% keyboard. In addition to all its top-tier components such as its satisfyingly hefty full aluminum body, 5-pin sockets, programmable knob, and sleek aesthetics, it also gives you the freedom to choose exactly how you want your build to be. 

GMMK PRO: Three Ways to Go

The first way to live the GMMK PRO experience is the simplest: the Prebuilt edition in Black Slate, which is ready to go out of the box. You can enhance the aesthetics of your custom mechanical keyboard by adding accessories such as a colorful rotary knob, a coiled cable, or top frame.

Next, there’s the GMMK PRO Barebones, which comes without switches or keycaps. You can buy the barebone board itself, or pick out the accessories you want with the GMMK PRO configurator to build your own keyboard.

We saved the most custom option for last. We recently released the GMMK PRO FlexKit. Within the keyboard community, "flex" or "plate flex" refers to the bounciness or “give” you feel in a keyboard when typing. Flex can be a bit of a debatable topic. Some only like highly flexible keyboards, while others prefer minimal or no flex. However, there’s no right or wrong answer. It all comes down to your personal preference. 

Let’s dive a bit deeper into option 2 and 3, and explore the benefits of each.

Build Your Own Keyboard with GMMK PRO

NOTE: When using the configurator, you can visualize each option by clicking on it. However, it is important to click “REMOVE” if you do not wish to purchase the accessory before clicking “NEXT”.

As mentioned, you can use the configurator to build your own keyboard down to the last detail. The first step is the color of your board, which is either Black Slate or White Ice. Next, you can choose your switch plate. The aluminum plate comes included with the barebones board at no extra cost, but by upgrading to polycarbonate or the premium-grade brass plate, you can enhance your board’s acoustics and overall typing experience. However, the included aluminum plate is still an excellent choice.

Then, you can choose your switches of choice. We offer our Glorious Panda Tactile and Lynx Linear, as well as some third party switches. Or, you can opt out and not select any switches by simply hitting “Next”. However, not to boast, but our Panda Switches have been voted the best tactile switches in 2023 by both the Gaming Setup and Switch and Click– so we definitely recommend checking them out.

Next is the aesthetics of your keycaps. Choose from our premium PBT keycaps with striking gradients or our pudding-style Aura keycaps for maximum RGB brilliance. It’s important to note that both the switches and keycaps must be installed by the user with the included tools. 

The following steps include picking out customization accessories (optional, of course). Choose from a variety of colors of top frames, rotary knobs, coiled cables (a standard cable comes included) to further customize your build. You can also grab some keyboard modding extras or more gear for your gaming set up.

Build it from the Ground up with the FlexKit Bundle

The FlexKit Bundle allows you to build your GMMK PRO completely from scratch. While the FlexKit alone was designed for GMMK PRO owners to modify their boards, we extended the product for those who do not own the board. We know there are some who have been on the fence about the PRO given the deliberately minimal amount of flexibility, so this one is for you!

The FlexKit includes the following items:

Redesigned Bottom Case (Now available in E-White):

The GMMK PRO bottom case has been redesigned to accommodate 3.5 mm thick gaskets, enabling the PCB/plate assembly to move more freely within the case. The internal volume has been increased for improved acoustic resonance, and the number of case screws has been reduced from eight to four for easier access. The redesigned bottom case is available in 3 colors, including all new E-White.

3 Gasket Material Options:

The FlexKit features three different gasket materials: PORON, EPDM, and our proprietary G-Foam. Each material delivers a distinct sound and feel, allowing you to experiment and find your ideal combination. Here's an overview of each gasket option:

-  G-Foam: Medium density for a cushioned typing feel, quick bouncy return, and lively sound.

-  EPDM: Harder density for a stiffer, more responsive typing feel, and a standard sound.

-  PORON: Softer density for a cushier typing feel and a more muted sound.

2 Bottom Case Foam Options:

The kit includes two bottom case foam options 1 mm and 2 mm thick case foams.

-  1 mm foam provides greater PCB/plate mobility and less sound absorption.

-  2 mm foam offers maximum sound absorption with a reduced PCB/plate mobility range

Plate/PCB Foam:

The included thick sheet of PCB/plate foam absorbs case resonance while maintaining flexibility.

The Bundle includes:

Choose your FlexKit Base, the PCB (GSV2 Stabilizers included), Switch Plate (aluminum, polycarbonate or brass), as well as your choice of colored Top Frame, Knob, and cable.

The incredible benefit of the bundle is that it enables you to build from scratch for nearly the same price as a normal Barebones GMMK PRO alone, which is an excellent value!

Bottom Line

The GMMK PRO is an exceptional 75% keyboard that offers unparalleled customizability. With three different ways to customize your keyboard, you can create a keyboard that meets your every need. Whether you buy it Prebuilt, or use the configurator to build your keyboard, or you opt for the FlexKit Bundle, you can be sure that the GMMK PRO will meet your expectations. With its sleek design, top-notch build quality, and exceptional customizability, the GMMK PRO is the ultimate keyboard for enthusiasts.