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Apr 01 2017

Don't forget to download the GMMK software for your keyboard

Once you get your hands on the GMMK, all you need to do is plug it into your PC and that's it! But in order to unleash its full (RGB) potential, you will need to download the GMMK software.

Once you get your hands on the GMMK, all you need to do is plug it into your PC and that's it! You can play with all the switches and keycaps you want, and make the most out of its modular nature. However, don't forget that you can do the same with the RGB. Yes, the GMMK comes with a nice selection of RGB effects and it would be a shame if you didn't spend some time experimenting with them as well.

Fortunately, you can easily do this with the help of the GMMK software. Click here to download it. Just pay attention to the S/N of your keyboard (the first four digits) so you don't end up installing the wrong version. Also, if your keyboard's S/N starts with 20180X, you can safely download the 201801 version of the software. Finally, make sure you don't download the TKL version of the software if you have a full-size board and vice versa. Otherwise, you might not be able to customize it fully.

So now that you finally downloaded the software, you want to know everything you can do with it. As mentioned, you can choose from various effects (see picture below).

The GMMK software lets you choose from various RGB effects.

Here's a video that will show you what these effects look like. As you'll notice, you can use keyboard shortcuts to switch between some of them.

But that's not the only thing you can do with the software. You can also use it to change the GMMK's polling rate, increase / decrease the RGB brightness and speed, as well as create macros. Not sure how you go about creating said macros? Here's a nice guide that will walk you step by step.

Ultimately, you can save the options to one of three profiles. That way, you don't have to modify the settings every time you start the GMMK software.

We'd like to think we've done a good job giving you an opportunity to unleash your GMMK's full potential by using the GMMK software. So, now that you know what you can do with it, don't forget to download it right away! And remember:

  1. Always run the software as an administrator.
  2. If you're using a Firewall, it's essential to create an exception for the software. Otherwise, it may not start.



Hey guys! i was wondering if " GMMK TKL" keyboard worked on windows 11?

May 09, 2022


hi, i got the glorious GMMK TKL white ice edition where can i find the download for this version??? be cause my S/N starts with SS121161 pls help me :(

February 07, 2022


Can you Improve Software Pls and Stuck “Apply” button because I can’t change polling rate in Software. Even i put 1000hz click and tried to “Apply” Still 125hz Keyboard. Pls Fix Soon as Possible, So i can keep keyboard not to sell it. Thank you So Much :)

December 31, 2021



I can’t beleave I can’t save the settings to the keyboard and swap between them with a key combo.
Will this come in the future?


December 13, 2021

Mohammad Syahmi Muazzam :

I really love the keyboard but the software lacks customization features for it’s users. You only have basic customization and as mentioned by other comments, you can’t really combine effects with your own color preferences. Hope Glorious would release a new software version for the GMMK 1.

September 20, 2021

Gabriel Alecu:

It’s disappointing that a keyboard heavily marketed towards PC gaming enthusiasts has such a primitive software.

- There’s no option to have touch effect with lights on.
- There’s no option to combine effects.
- There’s no option to tie specific presets to certain games/applications.
- And there’s no SDK that would allow you to at least fix these issues yourself if you know programming.

The concept of “PC Gaming Race” is all about customization, and this software heavily lacks in that department.

August 18, 2021


I don’t understand why I cant have ‘breathing mode’ or any other effect for that matter and only change one solid colour? I cant add multiple colors to any of the effects.

Or on custom mode where I can add different colors to different keys but then it’s just static with no option for layering a breathing type effect

This is so frustratingly basic, if you don’t want to implement this then at least let me sync it with something like Razor synapse

July 16, 2021

Rishee Deshmukh:

The software is very basic, to say the least. It does what it supposed to do however personally would have liked to see more customizations
as most of the LED lighting options are already present on the keyboard. The keyboard is really good for the price and it actually performs really well. I did not change the stock switches (Gateron Brown) because I think these were delivered pre-lubed (Do they deliver them pre-lubed?) and sounded absolutely fantastic out of the box. Even the stabilisers have almost zero to no rattle. It looks really amazing and with no brand name on it, it looks even better. I changed the ASCEND escape key to the normal key as it looks quite better with it.
As for the ping from the switches, you can kind of hear it but you really have to pay attention to it.
I was quite disappointed as there were no wireless options for these keyboards.
Overall, this keyboard can do it all and with few tweaks, this keyboard can outmatch almost any keyboards in the range of $400.

June 17, 2021

Donta Jones :

My S/N is SS1211 and I do not see the software, am I missing something?

June 01, 2021


I’m honestly shocked at how lame this software is compared to Obins Kit from my Anne Pro 2. I can’t even find a way to remap keys, I need 2nd arrows keys besides WASD without having to use FN. This customizability sucks, the layout isn’t that good compared to the anne pro 2 and Ducky One mini. But I thought I could change that, never would have bought this thing if I knew the software was this bad and limited.

April 09, 2021


I expected some nice integration (third party) or any API/SDK released. I feel disappointed :(

March 26, 2021


Is there a way to layer RGB effects onto one another? I would like to layer two Matrix effects but I cant seem to find a way how. If not, is there any plans for a public SDK so I could make these myself?

March 21, 2021


I just recently bought a Gmmk TKL and none of the software download links work. My serial number is SS1203.

March 12, 2021


I contacted support because the software is extremely limited and there is no SDK. Support confirmed that they have no plans for a SDK.

Please consider releasing API/SDK for this!!

March 03, 2021

Jace roycroft:

I want macros I’m really slow pls

February 22, 2021


See all the complaints on the software? The GMMK is a great keyboard but you dont have the time/resources to put into the software the next best thing is to open source it. Let the community take over and make it into something great. Then we can even get Linux support.

February 22, 2021


Howdy! SN: 1204. Would like to change polling rate, but do not see any compatible software matching for this SN. Still on the way?

February 11, 2021


Hi i got the Glorious GMMK full size for Christmas and i was wanting to download the software but my serial number is S/N: SS120310200834 and i’ve downloaded all of them all they dont work for my keyboard i’d like a reply for this immediately please.

February 08, 2021

Andrew Oakley:

How do I trigger one of the three custom profiles from the keyboard itself, please? I.e. define the profile in the software, but then activate that profile using a key combination? Thanks.

January 22, 2021


i just bought the keyboard and i think i istall the wrong software becuase the serial number isn’t on the wibstit for the software. After this my keyboard stopped working and i think the software installed the worng flies in to the keyboard.
pleas i need hlep to rest the keyboard. i couldn’t find any way without pressing any botten on the keyboard.

January 08, 2021


While I love the keyboard the software is basic. I found the export function is not working.
This is a pain in the A$$ because I am using the keyboard with two laptops. After an hour of searching I found the location where the information is stored.

This is the path: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\K18
For my keyboard the file name was: UserDengColor_2.userd

Just copy this to a second computer and you are golden. Or sync with Git :-)

November 13, 2020


I loved the GMMK keyboard I got, and I gave serious consideration to pre-ordering your GMMK Pro, but this software is so jank I refuse to send you guys any more money until it gets reactive button presses or even basic functionality that other KB manufacturers have.

If you’re going to have the RGB support, don’t halfass the software that goes with it.

November 11, 2020


Okay so I really love the GMMK I brought, but the software for the keyboard doesn’t compare to the standard the keyboard sets.

I’m running the 2020 “61 KEYGMMK Keyboard Editor”.
The softwares UI looks very doll but who cares.

(Yes i re did the installation 3 time to trippe check what I’m saying)
Lighting does carry over, I like that it does and think that should be a minimum.

Number 1:
I switched the placement for CAPS and FN, took out the keyboard out and plugged it into my laptop and the CAPS and FN changed back. I would love if the changes would stay saved on the keyboard. (also did it the other way around)

Number 2:
The “APPLY” button doesn’t do anything for me as if it’s pressed all the time, if so pleas remove it (also it’s always highlightet)

Number 3:
Both the “OK” and “CANCEL” just closes the software program.

Number 4: personal interest
Make the “MACRO” tab more user-friendly or re-designe it, the purpose of it isn’t fulfilled

October 22, 2020


why every keyboard maker try to re-invent the wheel with clunky pieces of software, I want to program my keyboard with my keyboard and take the settings/macros/lighting with my keyboard and plug it in any other PC and behave in the exact same way, without install any software.

October 19, 2020


i just bought a tkl keyboard and the code behind it isn`t any of the ones in the download part…its in an S/N SS1203, how can i get the software for this version, or which one is it???

September 24, 2020



September 13, 2020


I just want to also say I wish there was an API available so I can add more customizable lighting effects, also wishing there was better macro support – opening programs, swapping profiles etc. The software as it is is very barebones; prototypical. I returned a corsair K70 Mk2 because even though their software is amazingly customizable, it runs like dogsh— and has a ton of issues. I’m really glad to have my GMMK (yay for ISO UK) but I’m missing that customizability for different effects for different games etc.

July 21, 2020


Hi, I recently reset my PC because i just had a load of stuff didn’t want on it.
I have tried to download the software for my keyboard and I cant get it to work (its a gmmk tkl) like it did the first time the (code on the back starts with 201911).
Also the software for my model o works just fine after re downloaded it.
Do you have any suggestions on how to get it working as I really want to change the lighting on my keyboard?

April 21, 2020


Any news on an API/SDK for custom lighting?

Would love to do a Das Keyboard 5Q kinda thing with the GMMK!

February 24, 2020

Brandon K:

For some reason, I cannot turn off auto-start on this program even when I do it in the Windows settings, it turns itself back on. Is there a work around for this? For now, I’ll have to uninstall the software.

December 22, 2019

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