Gateron Switch Color Guide - Pick the best Gaterons for your keyboard


Sep 03 2017

In our previous articles, we covered the fundamentals of mechanical keyboard switches and the popular brands in the market. This time, we delve deeper into a niche yet incredibly versatile brand - Gateron SMD-LED compatible mechanical switches. Get ready to immerse yourself in our expanded Gateron Switch Color Guide.

A Closer Look: Glorious Gateron Switch Color Guide

Our online store is your one-stop-shop for a wide range of switch options, from our proprietary Panda Tactiles, Lynx Linears, and Raptor Clickies, but we also offer Gateron switches in six colors. While we certainly appreciate other brands, it's important to note that our extensive testing and analysis of the GMMK (Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard) have conclusively demonstrated the notable enhancements Gateron switches bring to your mechanical keyboard. This isn't to downplay the value of original Cherry switches that have commanded the market for a significant period. Rather, it's about offering choices and embracing the smoothness that has become synonymous with Gateron switches.

At our store, you'll find six different types of Gateron switches, each with unique characteristics.

If we had to distill the essence of the Gateron switch experience into a single word, it would undeniably be 'smoothness.' This is evident in your typing and gaming experiences, which will reach new heights of fluidity compared to other brands.

Built to last, Gateron mechanical switches boast an impressive lifetime of 50 million click cycles. This longevity indicates that these switches are designed to serve you diligently for years to come. However, let's not just make sweeping statements without the evidence to back it up. Here's a comprehensive table to substantiate why we're confident that the combination of Gateron switches and the GMMK can redefine your typing or gaming experience.

With a rated lifetime of 50 million cycles, it goes without saying that the Gateron mechanical switches will serve you for years to come.

But, let's back this statement up a bit. Here's a table that will show you why we believe Gaterons + GMMK make for the perfect typing/gaming combo.

Gateron switch types

Color *Behavior **Peak Force Noise Level
What does it feel like?


Linear 35g Silent

The lightest switch available, ideal for people who prefer a softer touch. Minimizes finger fatigue.


Linear 45g Silent

The ideal switch preferred by gamers, allowing rapid execution of the keys.


Linear 50g Silent

Red switch too light? Then, this is your best bet. Still smooth, but requires more force to press down.


Clicky 55g High

For those who love the click and clack of a keyboard. Generates a loud click and tactile bump when a key is pressed. Popular for typing and programmers. Note: clacking will annoy your peers.


Clicky 80g High

The heaviest switch available. For those who love the click and clack of a keyboard. Generates a loud click and tactile bump when a key is pressed. Popular for typing and programmers.


Tactile 45g Medium

A hybrid between a Linear and Clicky switches. Does not generate a click when pressed, but the tactile bump is still present. Ideal for those who want a tactile bump and work around peers.

*More on mechanical switch behavior here.

**The force required to press a key all the way down. There's no bad choice when it comes to peak force (light vs. heavy); it's entirely up to you.

So, is there a Gateron switch that seems right up your alley? If you still haven't made up your mind, worry not, as you can always order our MX Switch Sample Pack. The pack gives you the opportunity to test all the Gateron (and Kailh) switches we offer, so you can rest assured you'll find the ones that will suit your keyboard the most.

Every Gateron switch keyboard will feel as if you're sliding a hot knife through butter.

To sum up, no matter what you'll be using your mechanical keyboard for, there's always a Gateron switch designed to meet your needs. Even our top-of-the-line GMMK mechanical keyboard comes with Gateron Browns included. So, if you're searching for that sharper keystroke, that louder click, that sweet tactile bump or a perfectly smooth typing/gaming experience, Gateron is the way to go!

Clear: Being the lightest switch at 35g and silent, it is an optimal choice for users preferring a soft touch, minimizing finger fatigue.

Red: With a 45g linear actuation and silent operation, this switch is the go-to choice for gamers, facilitating rapid key execution.

Black: If the Red switch feels too light, the Black, still smooth yet heavier at 50g, is your perfect option.

Blue: For the click and clack lovers, the 55g Blue switch generates a loud click and tactile bump upon key press. This makes it a popular choice among typists and programmers, although the clacking sound may annoy people nearby.

Green: The heaviest switch at 80g, the Green, like the Blue, offers a loud click and tactile bump, ideal for typing and programming enthusiasts who don't mind the noise.

Brown: Serving as a middle ground between linear and clicky switches, the 45g Brown switch offers a silent operation with a tactile bump, making it ideal for those who crave tactile feedback but need to maintain a quiet environment.

Choosing the right switch involves understanding your personal preferences, habits, and requirements. There's no universally 'bad' or 'good' choice when it comes to peak force, whether light or heavy; it's all about what feels right to you.

To conclude, regardless of your intended use for your mechanical keyboard, there's a Gateron switch designed to cater to your needs. Even our premium GMMK mechanical keyboard comes with Gateron Browns as standard. So, if you're on the hunt for that crisper keystroke, louder click, pleasing tactile bump, or an exceptionally smooth typing/gaming experience, look no further than Gateron.