Glorious Announces GloriousLxA: Glorious Lifestyle & Apparel

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May 26, 2022

New Gamer-Inspired Fashion Line Launches With “Genesis” Collection

DALLAS, TX, May 26, 2022: Glorious, a global leader in PC-gaming hardware, today announced the launch of its new apparel and accessories brand, GloriousLxA, along with its inaugural “Genesis” and “Essentials” collections. This inclusive range is designed to encourage modern, fashionable gamers and enthusiasts to “Be Glorious” - whether in front of their keyboards or throughout their lives.

GLxA features on-trend athleisure & streetwear apparel in custom-designed men’s, women’s, and unisex fits. It also includes a line of accessories such as bags, backpacks, and gaming sleeves. Each piece has a focus on high-quality, comfortable fabrics and functional aesthetics inspired by gaming and PC hardware culture.

“The worlds of gaming and fashion have become intertwined in recent years,” said Shazim Mohammad, Founder & CEO of Glorious. “We’ve always called Glorious a ‘lifestyle gaming company’. GLxA lets us fully connect with our community through their diverse interests, hobbies, and daily lives away from the keyboard.”

As gaming and custom PC hardware have grown into the mainstream, the stereotypes of gamers and enthusiasts as an “antisocial boys club” have faded. Today, the international gaming and hardware communities include people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. GLxA is intended to serve them all while promoting healthy, active lifestyle habits.

GLxA’s full range will include refreshed limited-release seasonal collections, as well as a year-round “Essentials Collection”. The lookbook for the “Genesis'' seasonal collection, was unveiled on Wednesday. The brand also has plans for future collaborations with creators, artists, and esports personalities.

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