Welcome, Model O

Shazim M

January 21, 2019



Say hello to the Glorious Model O.

The first of four.

Q1 2019





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Are these issues resolved I would like to buy a glorious model o but don’t want it not to work.

July 21, 2021


I have had the mouse for just over a year and was loving it until I got a sensor error after trying to change the lights. Is there a fix to this?

July 13, 2021


My glorious model O sensor isn’t working, I can click and there is some rgb but I can’t move. I tried firmware updating for 3 hours but it still didn’t work

June 04, 2021


Hey for anyone having trouble with firmware “waiting” and “device is disconnected”, go here https://www.pcgamingrace.com/pages/downloads
and install the correct software for your mouse, and make sure to run the installer in administrator mode! Enjoy!

May 12, 2021


Software and update tool does not work for cabled mouse. Tried every USB port on several computers.
This seems to be a big problem (just google Glorious Software Not Working), could you perhaps look at it?

May 03, 2021

Miguel Chapeton:

Just bought the Golorious Model O to use as my work and gaming mouse but every time I go highlight over anything to copy it the highlight disappears. Ex: I try to highlight 10 cells in Excel it will show the highlight when I scroll over it hitting the left MB but then when I release it goes away and I’m left highlighting just one cell. I tested other mice and no issue so it’s strictly this mouse that’s having the problem, what gives? how can i fix it?

April 23, 2021

Peter Miller:

Software wont work. Keeps saying device is disconnected and then when i try to run the firmware updater it is stuck on waiting. so then i tried running both the software and firmware updater as an administrator and it still did the same thing. please help, id like to be able to use a 90$ mouse.

April 12, 2021

Dream’s Barber:

I got the Glorious Model O Wireless and it works. Barely. When I drag click with it, only 2-4 clicks register… Like what? This was supposed to be one of the best mouses for drag clicking and I’m kinda disappointed. I have the Logitech G903 (Great Mouse btw) and I get like 15 cps when drag clicking, so its not that I can’t. Also the software doesn’t work. It gets stuck on the “Waiting” screen for hours. Then when I try the other way it says device disconnected. I just wanted to know if its just me or something. Should I try getting the Model O WIRED? Is it just the Wireless version? Thanks

April 07, 2021

Aadil Vinod:

my glorious model o mouse keeps stopping to sense movement for a second or two I have to lift the mouse up and touch it back to the mousepad if I want to fix it it’s so annoying this started happening some days ago but the mouse will still be working all the lighting is also switched on when this happens. plz, help me with this problem. :)

April 07, 2021

ben B:

downloaded the software but its just stuck on loading, i left it for abt 3 hours, uninstalled and reinstalled files, read everything form the README file, I have no idea what else to do

April 02, 2021

Daniel Catlett:

i just got my model O wireless today, I’ve been trying to download the firmware for over 2 hours now and I’ve just been stuck on waiting. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the files twice and unplugged and replugged tons, please help

March 27, 2021

Sascha Monfort:

My model o the led on the scroll week keep flashing green what do I need to do I want it to get fully led on my Xbox wireless

March 27, 2021


Just got Model O Wireless.
Mouse works and its recognized in Glorious Core. However, FIRMWARE UPDATE 1-0-9 stuck on Waiting…. (waited 2 hours).
Also installed Software Setup_V1.0.9 and running it only displays “Device is disconnected.”
I’ve tried everything from README.file
I’ve TRIED looking for a solution online and tried every suggestion that has a positive feedback but no luck.
It’s really unfortunate Im hoping to get lucky to have this work rather than running a simple setup.
PLease note I’ve uninstalled any Glorious related softwares and restarted before trying a different method.
This was suppose to be an upgrade from Model D that only worked 5-10 seconds at a time.

March 26, 2021


My Model 0 glorious mouse will stick on waiting when i try to do the firmware update, and even when i try to use the glorious software it says device not found.

March 20, 2021


When i try to run the software it tells me that my device is disconnected please reply to as soon as possible, thank you.

March 18, 2021


i use model o minus and i cant drag click

March 15, 2021


Got my model O 3 days ago , it was all good till today. RGB works , but sometimes when I plug it in the DPI light on bottom doesn’t light up and sensor doesn’t work , when it does the cursor gets stuck in a corner and starts spazzing.

March 14, 2021


When I plug my wired model o into my computer it doesn’t detect the mouse on the model o software

March 14, 2021


It keeps saying Device is disconnected every time I try to open the mouse’s software. How do I fix it

March 09, 2021


Hi, yesterday I was playing with the model o and it randomly stopped working. I can click but the sensor doesn’t move on the mousepad. Randomly, it works fine on my wooden desk but it is getting a bit scratched and I don’t want to carry on like that. Any fixes would be appreciated :)

February 17, 2021

Caleb Lee:

Hello. When will you guys make a model o for lefties

January 02, 2021


With respect !!!

January 02, 2021

Dylan :

My mouse stopped connecting on my ps4 it goes in but i cant move?

December 28, 2020


Just got the model O wireless for christmas, but the software refuses to recognise the mouse. The firmware is up to date. Help!

December 24, 2020


Problem solved, new program uploaded on the side, now everything works well. Good job!

December 19, 2020



Just purchased the model 0 wireless and i love it, but the program can’t detect it and i cant turn off the lights on it when i want to, so it drains the battery way to fast, is there are fix so program cant detect it yet that works? I tryed the a firmware update available but it just get stuck while loading…

December 16, 2020


when i try to open the model o software it says the device is disconnected ad i tried to download the firm ware update but its stuck on waiting

December 15, 2020



do you make left handed mouses?


August 06, 2020


Plugged the mouse in and it worked fine. Downloaded the firmware update and it was stuck on waiting. I guess that means that it already has the latest firmware. Installed the software and played with the settings. Tried to apply the settings and got a ton of errors. Now I can’t even use the mouse. Only the buttons and the RGB work. Is there a solution to this? Looks like a long comment history of issues…

June 15, 2020

Xavier Moles:

I just bought this mouse and leds light up but my pc won’t detect it. Any solution?

June 15, 2020

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