Glorious PC Gaming keyboards for the ultimate gaming experience

Rashko Temelkovski

April 19, 2017

The PC gaming master race consists of a wide variety of gaming connoisseurs who all share one trait: superb use of a keyboard.

At Glorious PC Gaming Race, we understand the undeniable importance of quality keyboards and their pivotal role in the modern PC gaming industry. All seasoned PC gamers revel in superior PC gameplay through extravagant use of a keyboard:

  • MOBA veterans calculate precise actions through technical use of the QWER keys;
  • FPS gamers predict split-second movements when traversing through the battlefields with WSAD;
  • RPG enthusiasts rely on using a wide portion of the keyboard to rake in precious experience.

In a nutshell, every gamer needs a quality keyboard for the ultimate gaming experience - after all, the average online PC gamer dishes out 100+ key strokes per minute like it's nobody's business.

This is why one of our top priorities is designing premium-quality keyboards that allow precise and accurate key input, along with a slew of customization options. We want to give YOU the opportunity to revolutionize your gaming experience with fully customizable keycaps and switches designed to pop in and out in less than 5 seconds.

All our keyboards come with keycap pullers in order to facilitate the customization process as much as possible.

In addition, our specially crafted keyboards include an RGB backlight capable of utilizing a staggering 16.8 million color shades which can be displayed in a variety of themes.

Forget about flimsy keycaps and unresponsive switches that lower your KDA and ELO rating in competitive online games with our one-of-a-kind keyboards. Browse our website and see how you can become a proud owner of the most glorious keyboard design ever created!

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