The Model I Launches April 13th, Early Access Available Now

Glorious HQ

April 11, 2022

The Model I officially launches Wednesday, April 13th at 11 AM CT on for $59.99. Learn more about our most feature-rich mouse yet.

Available Now Exclusively for Glorious Guild Members

You read that right – if you’re an existing Guild member, log in and visit the Model I’s page to order right now and have it shipped before public orders!

This exclusive Early Access event is officially live for both Apprentice and Expert members and ends on April 13th at 11 AM CT.

Want to See if You Qualify for Early Access?

To check eligibility:

1. Go to your Glorious account page and log in.

2. Check the tag on the right above order history.

a) If you see the “Expert” or “Apprentice” button, you are already a member and can access the exclusive event.

b) If you see a button that says “Accept Invite,” follow it to fill out a short form to officially join the Guild and automatically unlock event access.

c) If you don’t see the option to accept an invitation, no problem! Visit our Glorious Guild Welcome Page for a detailed breakdown of how you can qualify.

The Model I’s Story

We pushed ourselves to challenge the status quo when designing Model I. At just 69 grams, it’s the lightest mouse in its class. Rather than modular weights, we developed modular thumb buttons that take mouse customization to a whole new dimension. Instead of offering what’s expected, we delivered what you wanted.

Even our own family of wired mice is shaken up by Model I. It’s the first to utilize our high-performance Glorious BAMF optical sensor, previously only found in wireless models. Remapping the mouse’s array of buttons is simple thanks to another first for our wired mice: Glorious CORE support. Lastly, the Model I features our new Glorious Switches rated for 80 million satisfyingly snappy clicks.


Q: What mouse switches does the Model I use?

A: The Model I’s LMB and RMB buttons use our precise and snappy Glorious Mouse Switches rated for 80 million clicks.

Q: How many buttons are modular on the Model I?

A: The Model I has nine total buttons; two being modular with replaceable shapes. Each modular button has three shape options to choose from.

Q: How do the modular buttons connect to the frame?

A: The modular thumb buttons attach to the Model I using magnets that snap firmly into place. A simple yet intuitive peg and hole system makes aligning the button shapes easy. Removal is easy thanks to little cutouts that allow your fingernail or plastic tool to quickly remove the installed shape.

Q: What alternate button shapes come included?

A: The Model I has two modular thumb buttons with three shapes available to reach. One option acts as a port cover, removing the button’s function and making it flat against the mouse’s body.

Q: Will you be selling replacement magnetic buttons?

A: Yes! The Model I has 6 replaceable button shapes in total. Replacement sets are available now.

Q: Can I 3D print my own button shapes?

A: Yes! We intend to release the 3D files for our magnetic side buttons, so you can print and attach custom shapes. Doing so will not void the mouse’s 2-year warranty.

Q: Will you be selling replacement mouse feet?

A: The Model I uses our pure PTFE G-Skates mouse feet. Replacement sets are available now.

Q: Does the Model I have custom grip tape like your other shapes?

A: Yes! Grip tape for the Model I is available now.

Q: Does the Model I feature Glorious CORE support?

A: Yes! The Model I is our first wired mouse to feature Glorious CORE software support. Download the customization software here.

Q: What kind of mouse sensor does the Model I use?

A: The Model I comes equipped with the Glorious BAMF high-performance optical sensor capable of flawless tracking up to 19000 DPI.

Q: Can I remap the Model I’s buttons?

A: Yes! All 9 of the Model I’s buttons can be remapped via Glorious CORE. Program powerful macros, shortcuts, and keybinds for custom control in your favorite games.

Q: Can I change the Model I’s RGB without using CORE software?

A: Yes. It is possible to change the RGB effect via button combinations.

Q: Is the Model I compatible with Mac and Linux?

A: Yes! Our mice are plug and play with any PC OS as long as there is an open USB-A (2.0) port.

Q: Does the Model I include a warranty?

A: Yes! 2 years.

Q: Will opening the Model I void my warranty?

A: It depends. Opening the Model I to replace the Ascended Cable using our official guide will not void the warranty. Modifying the mouse in any other way or for any other reason will void the warranty.



Me patiently waiting for the wireless White version to complete my setup….

May 17, 2022


Hopefully there will be one.

May 16, 2022


Will you be release a wireless version of the model I?

May 09, 2022


is the model i as good or better at drag clicking than the model o?

April 25, 2022


Patiently waiting for the wireless version, hopefully soon.

April 20, 2022


Will you be releasing a wireless version of this mouse?

April 14, 2022

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