Product News

Oct 07 2021

The Glorious Guild is now accepting new members. Will you answer the call?

The Glorious Guild is our new customer loyalty program - one unlike any other you’ve seen before. We formed the Guild as a way to give back to our most loyal supporters through unique membership experiences. These include early access to new product launches, exclusive gaming gear & merchandise, events, contests, giveaways, a private forum, and more!

Over the past few months, several thousand dedicated members of our early “First Watch” soft launch have been testing out the program and enjoying the perks. They've been instrumental in helping us fine-tune the user experience and bringing life to the Guild forum. Feedback so far has been amazing, and this is just the beginning of an incredible journey to come!

Entrance into the Glorious Guild can only be gained by purchasing a specific combination of products - only those with a truly Glorious battlestation will be invited.

Here are some of the benefits members can enjoy:


By becoming a member of the Glorious Guild you gain access to a slew of awesome perks. These include:

• Exclusive access to the private Guild area of our Glorious Forum - Here you can chat with Glorious staff and fellow Guild members about all things gaming, find info about upcoming Guild events, participate in contests & giveaways, get involved with the product development process, and much more.

• Early access to product launches and sales - Be one of the first Glorious customers to snag the best deals and our newest gear.

• Guild exclusive products and merch - Get your hands on limited edition swag that will make your friends jealous.

• Access to creator collaborations and giveaways - The first is a drawing for a custom painted GMMK PRO from Nachocustomz! More info on this awesome giveaway soon.

• Participation in product development process - Beta test unreleased Glorious products, give suggestions directly to the team and help shape the future of gaming gear.

• Exclusive content like streams, Q+As with Glorious Staff, and more - Get personal with content creators and our team.

• Elevated support channels - Your customer service tickets will receive priority status for even faster resolution.


Membership is based on your purchase activity on and tracked through a point system. Guild membership progress is recorded through your Glorious Account, so be sure to create an account if you haven't already.

Note: Purchasing products through Amazon or retail partners do not currently count toward Guild progress. When ordering through, make sure you are logged in to receive credit.


We have divided all of our products into three main categories, each with a respective point value. For example, the GMMK PRO is worth 3 points, while the Panda switches are worth 2.

Purchasing two of the same exact product will only earn you points for one - different colors and finishes count as unique products. You can find a table with all point values here.


2 x Matte Black Model O = 3 points total

1 x Matte White Model O + 1 x Matte Black Model O = 6 points total.

Note: Purchasing multiple of the exact same product through separate orders will not result in extra points being earned.


The Guild has 2 ranks, Apprentice and Expert. Earning 8 total points grants you the title of Apprentice and entrance into the Guild. Earning 15 total points elevates you to Expert, unlocking even more exclusive perks within the program.

Check out the specific rank rewards here.

Points do not expire, so once you make it to a rewards tier you are there for life. (However points for returned products will be deducted from your point total.)


Once your account reaches Apprentice level, you will automatically receive an an invitation email. Invites will be sent out on a rolling basis, so it might not come immediately after making a qualifying purchase.

Note: Your membership does not become active automatically - you will need to choose to opt-in through the invitation.

After you opt into the Guild, you should receive a separate invite to the Glorious Forum. If it has been more than 24 hours since you opted into the Guild, and you have not received your forum invite, please email and we will assist you right away.


Check out the official Glorious Guild page's Point System and Guild Ranks sections for a more detailed explanation of the program: 


Q: Do I need to create an account on to earn points?

A: Yes, your progress will not be tracked unless you order from our website while logged into your account.


Q: Once I earn the necessary points to enter, will I automatically enter the program?

A: No, you will be sent an email with a link to opt into the Glorious Guild by filling out a membership form. You will not be automatically entered into the program.


Q: Do points expire over time?

A: No, points will never expire over time.


Q: How many points will I receive if I order multiples of the exact same product?

A: You will only earn points for one of those items. However, if you buy the same product in a different color or finish, that would qualify as a different item and earn you its respective points.


2 x Matte Black Model O = 3 points total

1 x Matte White Model O + 1 x Matte Black Model O = 6 points total.

Note: Purchasing multiple of the exact same product through separate orders will not result in extra points being earned.


Q: What if I have not received credit for a purchase?

A: If you notice that you are not receiving proper credit for purchases, please contact our support team for assistance. A quick reminder that only purchases through count toward your point total.


Q: How will I stay up-to-date on Guild events, giveaways, early access, and more?

A: We will be sending out email communications to ensure you are well-informed regarding these time-sensitive perks.


Q: What is the Glorious Forum?

We plan to unveil more about the Glorious Forum soon! Stay tuned to our social media channels and blog page for up-to-date information.