The Glorious Guarantee

Shazim M

November 04, 2019

To the Glorious Legion:

5 years after selling our first mousepad, one of our proudest achievements is that Glorious PC Gaming Race remains an entirely grassroots-grown company. From an initial personal investment of just $3,000, we managed to crawl our way to become one of the fastest growers in the entire PC gaming market. We’ve caught the industry off guard by refusing to do business with “mega-chain” retailers, taking new products off Amazon, turning down partnerships with some (toxic) big-name streamers, and generally avoiding anybody who might try to steer us astray from our founding principles. We’ve challenged competitors who take advantage of customers, by keeping our prices low and putting gamers over profits. But most importantly, we were able to do it without any outside financing or investors. It’s all been 100% through the support of passionate gamers and members of our community like you who believe in the mission. 

But we’re still relatively small fish in an ocean of sharks. Luckily, unlike many of our larger competitors, a major benefit to being a (still relatively) small, privately-owned gaming company is that we can run things how we want, and pivot quickly when necessary. We’re committed to our founding goal of challenging the industry to do right by gamers.  So over the past months, we’ve been taking some critical looks inward, discussing how we can keep pushing that bar to lead by example.

The current industry standard for warranty returns is that customers bear the cost of returning a defective product, or they must jump through hoops such as providing “Proof of Destruction” before a replacement is issued. Our own warranty procedures have evolved over the years but often have shared some of the cost burden with customers for claims on newly purchased products. But learning lessons from Model O/O-, we realize this doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. So effective today, we’ll be enacting some major changes to our RMA policies. The full details are summarized here, the main points are as follows:

  • For any product or part that may become defective within 180 days of delivery, we will offer a replacement - 100% free of charge (including return shipping if necessary). 
  • If any product or part becomes defective after 180 days of delivery (while still within the product’s warranty period), we will offer a free replacement, and you will only have to cover the shipping cost.

We have measures in place to prevent fraud or abuse of this system, but these new policies are intended to be as hassle-free for our customers as possible. We want to ensure it is known that we will always stand by the quality of our products. And we hope others take notice so this becomes a new industry standard.

Our newfound growth has introduced a new set of problems we never had to deal with in the past. From “Black Hat” SEO tactics spreading misinformation, social media trolls, and competitor-sponsored shill accounts - we’ve come to understand there are a lot of people with a vested interest in seeing this project fail. But we’re standing our ground, showing them toxicity & greed have no place in gaming. We will always have your back for sticking with us. And as we grow, we will continue to look critically at ourselves and make positive improvements every step of the way. 

Thank you for your support. Let’s see how high this bar can go. 

Shazim Mohammad



Austin Sklizovic:

ive been using my model o for a few months now, never really used the side buttons but i went to try to press them recently and one takes alot of force and the other is almost stuck in the clicked position, ive never spilled anything on it but idk whats going on

March 23, 2021


Hi, i got my own model of in September last Year, but about 3 weeks ago the left click button started moving around and is squeaky, and when i lick it feels weird, is there a fix to this or is the a problem with the mouse?

Thank you,

March 23, 2021

Nick :

Hi, I received my model o wireless about two days ago and have been using it with perfect use, no issues found, until today. Tried starting up my pc and the software automatically started saying that my mouse had an update, but wouldn’t allow me to click download, or anything for that matter, couldn’t even click off the software to close the app or restart pc. Had to start my computer up with my old mouse plugged in just to get it to work, and now my left click just doesn’t even register, but my right click will. It hasn’t even been 48 hours and I’m already having issues with this mouse, as if I wasn’t already having doubts before buying it. Bad look.

March 18, 2021


Hello I would like to replace the mouse because its buttons move a little. More left button but right button recently started. There is a strange noise when the left button moves. I have mice from December 6th.

March 16, 2021

Sebastian Paulson:

I wouldn’t like to falsely send in a mouse with no big issue, therefore I’m asking.
My main problem is that after using my mouse for one month with almost daily use for around 2 hours a day I’ve noticed that the mouse wheel sometimes stops scrolling/will scroll but nothing happens, and while It Is like that It also gets harder to scroll. In the start I thought It was all normal But after some research and seeing the guarantee I’ve decided to ask.
Thanks for your time!, Sebastian

March 15, 2021


When I saw the reviews for the glorious model o and I bought it and got it. When I just got it out of the box the scroll wheel and the right click button was squeaking too.

March 15, 2021

Adam Madrane:

Hello! I got my Glorious Model O Wireless Tuesday the 9th of March and two days later the scroll wheel would start to squeak. Also, my right mouse button is squeaky since day 2 with the MOW. The right-click feels off compared to the left one. Would like a replacement if possible.

March 13, 2021

Adam Madrane:

Hello! I got my Glorious Model O Wireless Tuesday the 9th of March and two days later the scroll wheel would start to squeak. Also, my right mouse button is squeaky since day 2 with the MOW. The right-click feels off compared to the left one.

March 13, 2021


I got my model O for my birthday in January. (I play a lot of Minecraft and the mouse came highly recommended to me) I would not highly recommend it. I’ve had it for around 2 months, and the scroll wheel stops registering all the time, and the RMB squeaks sometimes. Otherwise this mouse is great. Id like to know if I could get a working replacement.

March 13, 2021


I bought the wrong size mouse. I bought the glorious model o- instead of the glorious model o, I want to know if I can replace my brand new o- for an o. Along with this the mouse feels like i have to drag it across my mouse pad, its not that its heavy. But the mouse feet are just not good at keeping the mouse light, and fast when gaming.

March 10, 2021


Ive had my Glorious Model D mouse for a little bit over a year (I got it in December 2019 I believe). The back-Side button has seemingly popped out and become loose, and most clicks with the button won’t register anymore.

March 08, 2021

Isaac Liedtke:

my mouse that I got is broken, I have not done anything with it and I spent almost 100 dollars for it.
Ive used it for about 2 hours and its not working, Ive looked every way of how to fix this and there nothing that is woking and was hoping that you could help if you need me to show you my buy order or something you can but I just don’t understand why its not working and I am a little frustrated please reply as soon as possible

February 28, 2021


My mouse has worked with out a problem but now out of nowhere my right click button has started
squeaking. It just randomly does it when i click sometimes. This happend a few days ago i belive.
What can/should i do about this?

February 23, 2021


I got my model o a month ago from Amazon. The front side button fell off today and I wanna know if I can get a replacement even if I didn’t buy it from the website.

February 22, 2021


I got my glorious model o around 60-ish days ago and the scroll wheel is stuck down (I can’t press middle click but I can still scroll), and it seems like the mouse buttons get stuck sometimes as well. I’m wondering whether I can get a replacement since I don’t have the box.

February 19, 2021


My model o shell snapped and I can’t use right click, I tried glue but that didn’t work. Not only that but my scroll wheel feels really slow/ sluggish, please reply. Thank you

February 17, 2021

Ethan Epstein:

So I purchased a model o- matte black a while ago and a few days ago one of the side buttons j fell off I’m wondering If I can get a replacement.

Ethan Epstein

February 17, 2021

Max Pitman:

my DPI button is stuck on my model D mouse so I can’t click it

February 17, 2021

Creed Gniech:

my button 4 side button has became very hard to click over time and i dont have any clue why. If you have a solution let me know

February 18, 2021


i got the limited pink model o back in august and i think it just recently got water damage and now the back mouse button doesnt work and im just wondering what could possibly be done if anythings available thanks

February 07, 2021

julian shlesinger:

My model o wireless’s USB stick is in pieces. I don’t know what the cause of this issue was but I hope I can get it fixed.
I got my model o on, January 11, 2021.


February 04, 2021

Winter Vaweq:

My mouse has a crack in it. I dont know why but i found it today the mouse arrived on 1/16/2021 And I hope i can get it fixed.

January 28, 2021


I have used my model O wireless for just over 2 weeks, and the scroll wheel has begun squeaking terribly and I do not know why. Is it the way I scroll? I think I do it normally.

January 26, 2021

Zachary livingston:

These last few weeks my mouse hasn’t been connecting to my computer when I plug it in, and only the left and right clicks are working. The censor doesn’t light up or anything. Today I lifted up the left click and it popped off. I can’t quite tell what the issue is, and no matter how many videos I watch nothing explains why it wouldn’t work. I have a Model O that I got in july or so last year. Earlier last year the dpi button got stuck for a while as well. I have a few ideas of why this may have happened but I don’t think any would have effected it like this. For one, I took it on trips, but it had its own pocket, and I saw no issues with it afterwards. 2, possibly too much dust in there? When I look through the holes there’s a lot of dust inside, I thought that wouldn’t be an issue. I threw away the tag on the usb cable that I believe had the serial number on it.

January 15, 2021

Gabe :

I bought a mouse and mousepad the same day. The mouse arrived but the mouse pad didn’t and it’s been 2 days since the mouse arrived!

January 13, 2021

Luke Fiore:

I have had my mouse for a couple months and the left click has been getting stuck after I click it every few times.

January 07, 2021


Hi I got one for Christmas and the right click broke off

January 07, 2021


My mouse won’t work on only my computer, the lights and everything turns on but no clicks or movement are registered, is there a solution to this?

January 06, 2021


Hi there,

I bought a model o-, but the mouse wheel and right mouse button give off a squeaky sound. I read on Reddit that I should wait and see if it goes away after a bit of mileage, but it’s been a month now and nothing has changed. :(

January 05, 2021


I just got in my glorious model o today and i plugged it in to the usb port on my pc and it wont even work. It doesnt turn on, just nothing. Not to mention i paid 11 dollars for express shipping 2-5 days and it takes three business days to ship and doesn’t get to me for a full 8 days, so i wasted money on expressed shipping and got a mouse that doesn’t even work. Just hoping to get an actual working mouse in a decent time frame.

January 04, 2021

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