The Glorious Guarantee

Shazim M

November 04, 2019

To the Glorious Legion:

5 years after selling our first mousepad, one of our proudest achievements is that Glorious PC Gaming Race remains an entirely grassroots-grown company. From an initial personal investment of just $3,000, we managed to crawl our way to become one of the fastest growers in the entire PC gaming market. We’ve caught the industry off guard by refusing to do business with “mega-chain” retailers, taking new products off Amazon, turning down partnerships with some (toxic) big-name streamers, and generally avoiding anybody who might try to steer us astray from our founding principles. We’ve challenged competitors who take advantage of customers, by keeping our prices low and putting gamers over profits. But most importantly, we were able to do it without any outside financing or investors. It’s all been 100% through the support of passionate gamers and members of our community like you who believe in the mission. 

But we’re still relatively small fish in an ocean of sharks. Luckily, unlike many of our larger competitors, a major benefit to being a (still relatively) small, privately-owned gaming company is that we can run things how we want, and pivot quickly when necessary. We’re committed to our founding goal of challenging the industry to do right by gamers.  So over the past months, we’ve been taking some critical looks inward, discussing how we can keep pushing that bar to lead by example.

The current industry standard for warranty returns is that customers bear the cost of returning a defective product, or they must jump through hoops such as providing “Proof of Destruction” before a replacement is issued. Our own warranty procedures have evolved over the years but often have shared some of the cost burden with customers for claims on newly purchased products. But learning lessons from Model O/O-, we realize this doesn’t sit right with a lot of people. So effective today, we’ll be enacting some major changes to our RMA policies. The full details are summarized here, the main points are as follows:

  • For any product or part that may become defective within 180 days of delivery, we will offer a replacement - 100% free of charge (including return shipping if necessary). 
  • If any product or part becomes defective after 180 days of delivery (while still within the product’s warranty period), we will offer a free replacement, and you will only have to cover the shipping cost.

We have measures in place to prevent fraud or abuse of this system, but these new policies are intended to be as hassle-free for our customers as possible. We want to ensure it is known that we will always stand by the quality of our products. And we hope others take notice so this becomes a new industry standard.

Our newfound growth has introduced a new set of problems we never had to deal with in the past. From “Black Hat” SEO tactics spreading misinformation, social media trolls, and competitor-sponsored shill accounts - we’ve come to understand there are a lot of people with a vested interest in seeing this project fail. But we’re standing our ground, showing them toxicity & greed have no place in gaming. We will always have your back for sticking with us. And as we grow, we will continue to look critically at ourselves and make positive improvements every step of the way. 

Thank you for your support. Let’s see how high this bar can go. 

Shazim Mohammad



Cool boi:

Is it possible to drag with the glossy model o

November 26, 2021


I got a Model O Matte black from amazon about a month ago, and it was working great then randomly the right click became extra sensitive and takes like to pressure to click it, it’s gotten annoying and is throwing me off completely. I can still use it, it’s just extra harder now. The left click is fine, it’s just the right click, it doesn’t click as much.

July 14, 2021


I got my model o months ago and the scroll randomly started to not register and felt super smooth to scrolli

July 06, 2021

Julius Speck:

the cable is broken and it’s making the mouse sometimes stop working

June 25, 2021


The scroll was damaged in only two months, I want to return it to you to fix it
model o wireless

June 21, 2021

Giovanni Harriman:

Hey, I was playing Fortnite Battle Royale, using the Glorious Model O Mouse, and mid play the side button randomly became loose, and stopped working, and eventually fell out, I searched videos and I can’t seem how to get it back in. A Tournament comes up in a few days and this really sucks that the side button popped out of no where! Is there anyway possible I can get this issue resolved maybe a replacement or a fix?

June 21, 2021

Bryan Batista:

Hello! I got my glorious model o – on my birthday and when i pulled it out and started clicking it it has a squeaking noise.I was wondering if i could get a replacement. If possible

June 11, 2021

robin vernon:

i have had my model o for quite a while now and the sensor has stopped working and will jitter when moved therefore being un usable

June 07, 2021


I’ve had my Glorious Model O Wireless for a little under 6 months and I’ve had 2 issues with it. The first was the squeaking mouse which I managed to fix. The second is my scroll wheel whiches tends to stutter and go in the wrong opposite direction whenever I use it. I would like a replacement, hope yall could get in contact!

June 01, 2021


Hello, I received a Model O Wireless as a gift and while gaming I have an issue when I scroll use my mouse wheel it doesn’t register well! While gaming it will mess things up as i have it bound to abilities or movement.

What can i do about this issue?

June 01, 2021

Hugo Hicks :

i Have been loving the model o matte white until the sensor stopped working could i please have a new mouse or a way to fix this problem???? thanks btw all the buttons on the mouse work exept the sensor

June 01, 2021

Ernie Abreu:

Hey, i got my glorious model o from microcenter and it was fine until now it recently started squeaking and the left and right click randomly stop working, also the dpi button presses on its own every time i click which is very annoying i would like a replacement.

May 17, 2021


I got my Matte black Model O around Christmas time and it has been fine up until now, The DPI button has slanted and has went into the mouse at a slight angle, I’ve tried applying pressure to it to shift it back into place but I have gotten nowhere with it. The DPI button jammed and I cannot press it whatsoever, It is hard stuck. I would like to know if I can get a working replacement. Thank you.

May 07, 2021


I got my model D last year and a new replacement cable today. When I was changing the cable, the plastic pivoting the left click broke. Is it possible to get a housing replacement?

May 05, 2021


My front side button fell off, do i get a refund even though i got the mouse from microcenter and not off of the website.

April 28, 2021


Hello there! Hope you’re having a nice day. I just recieved my Glorious Model O a few months ago. Within 2 days it began sqeaking. That was tolerable, but then it got worse. To the point where every single time I click the right click button on my Glorious Model O, it squeaks. I’d really appreciate a replacement. I also don’t want to risk ruining it by using lube to fix the squeaks. All in all, I love this mouse but this squeak is really disturbingly annoying.

April 28, 2021


My left button can’t be pressed down and it is stuck

April 26, 2021


I bought my mouse somewhat recently (couple of months ago) And at first it was good but then after a week it had a squeak sometime in the right mouse button and it got worse and worse and now my mouse wheel doesn’t even work. Don’t get me wrong this is amazing but it has some serious flaws.

April 26, 2021

Maciej Kucała:

The left mouse button switch on my glorious model o- is broken. When i single click no matter what the debounce time is, it sometimes doubleclicks. Also when i hold my left mouse button in a specific spot, mouse starts clicking 10 cps, or when i hold my left mouse button for more than 2 seconds, it also starts clicking around 6 cps on its own. I’m using the mouse for 2 months.

April 26, 2021

Luis Fernando Molina:

My DPI button is stuck, i can’t click it since the mouse arrived. Note: it’s a brand new mouse, just arrived!

April 23, 2021


I got the glorious xl gaming mousepad 2 day ago and we I got it delivered the bottom left corner wasn’t sewed on properly, is there a way I can get this fixed

April 20, 2021

Ansel Edwin:

HI, my Model O wireless clicks are super squeaky, and I’m hoping I can get it replaced or fixed.

April 20, 2021

Aeson Ranspot:

the cable for my model o is damaged so the mouse wont work half the time, im hoping it could get fixed or i could get a replacment.

April 19, 2021


Hello, i bought the model o like a week ago. On the first day it was normal and had a good time. But one the second day, my right click started to squeak, and everyday i would hear a very annoying squeak. I would like to know how i can fix it without damaging the mouse so i can just have a good time with the mouse as i do not want to send it back and get a new one because it will take a long time.

Thank you.

April 08, 2021


I don’t remember the date I bought this but I was referred by a friend that is STILL using the mouse today after about a year, unfortunately, I did not have such a good run like my friend, about a week after using it all of the sudden bam! the mouse just started disconnecting and reconnecting, I tried a lot of things. I tried downloading software, testing the problem on different computers, and then I gave up. I really like the mouse feel so much that I am using it right now but if I literally move the mouse too hard it was a disconnect and then reconnect, I am very disappointed Glorious.

April 06, 2021


I was using the mouse that my brother got me for my birthday (December 26th) for up until today when I dropped it while playing. The drop was a light drop from around 6 inches high. I broke the left click and the scroll wheel. The left click I fixed by pushing hard on it but my scroll wheel is still broken. Its is gripping on somewhere and makes it hard to move.

April 05, 2021


I got my model o- a week ago and all of a sudden my third mouse button is broken and won’t work for my keybinds I need help

April 01, 2021


I got my child a model d for Christmas and now he can’t use the left click properly due to it randomly clicking whenever it wants to. I’ve attempted multiple times to fix it with the help of google but to no avail, it is simply broken.

March 30, 2021


I got the model O pink(which might i say looks fire asf) and up until recently the buttons feel like it’s harder to push in than before. I got it back at the end of November 2020.

March 29, 2021

Gerish Tandang:

Recently bought the White matte Model O. It’s a lovely mouse to use and really high quality but after a week the right button stopped working I bought it on Amazon and I would like to request another mouse.

March 27, 2021

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