Sharing Glorious gaming battlestations from our fans - part 3

Rashko Temelkovski

January 27, 2019

*Featured image by EricBlackwell1

We love getting photos of your gaming battlestations where we get to see some Glorious gear. It just goes to show us that your creativity knows no bounds. Plus, it may actually encourage other people to ascend and join the Glorious PC Gaming Race.

Hence, we decided it's high time we shared some of your "works of art" again. We've already done that with the Glorious mousepads and the GMMK. This time, though, we're happy to show you some of the finest Glorious-flavored battlestations we've come across over the past few months, no matter the Glorious products included in them.

1. It's a full GMMK match!
(by breadslicer)

It's a full GMMK match!

2. Talk about Ikea aesthetics.
(by DearJohnDeeres_deer)

Talk about Ikea aesthetics.

3. We already said this. Your creativity really knows no bounds!
(by WholesomeUpvoter)

Your creativity knows no bounds.

4. Kitty doing a Glorious inspection.
(by JulianRob37)

Kitty doing a Glorious inspection

5. Yes. We are fans of Glorious kitties.
(by Ronin0814)

At Glorious, we are huge fans of kitties

6. Meanwhile, you are fans of games like Overwatch.
(by rossipedia)

You guys are fans of games like Overwatch

7. You know it's a Glorious battlestation if you see our sticker on it!
(by MountainBoySZN)

You know it's a Glorious battlestation if you see our sticker on it!

Rest assured, we're planning on sharing the best battlestations with you regularly. So, keep checking our blog for the latest articles and expect to see more soon! Hopefully, the next gaming battlestations will feature our Model O as well! :)

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