Presenting, Model D.

Shazim M

October 30, 2019

Say hello to the Glorious Model D. 
The second of four.

We have taken everything we have learned from Model O and O- and applied to an ergonomic frame to deliver a high-quality lightweight Ergonomic mouse at an affordable price.


Coming December 2019.

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Sign Up for Model D Launch Updates:

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i really wanted to like this mouse but i simply can’t. my model D has the scroll wheel issue where it sounds like a very high pitched squeak every scroll you do and it gets worse with time to the point you hear it through headphones! i contacted glorious for an exchange and was prompted with a choice of 15% (9$) refund or 25% store credit. i kindly declined but am extremely disappointed in glorious’s decision to not exchange it and theres more people coming up with this issue making posts about glorious not exchanging. QC is an issue with glorious, ive purchased 3 mice from them and first 2 model O had the infamous cable short that i ended up paracording and now my model D sounds like a chalk board scratch every time i scroll so 3 out of 3 issues on my mice. i wont be making any future glorious purchases because of glorious’s decision to not exchange the mouse for people with this issue no one wants a mouse that sounds this terrible.please consider before purchasing theres videos on youtube and posts on reddit. i never had this problem with logitech or razer they always did exchange’s for any issue that arose and yes even one with a scroll wheel problem like this “glorious” mouse.
joshua @ 2020-02-22 17:27:23 -0600

very nice

zEnderMC on YT @ 2020-02-20 14:07:55 -0600

I smell fish…

Oh, I also just received the mouse – it’s f’kin AWESOME!

Mr Chicken Salt @ 2020-02-06 17:19:03 -0600

can you make a d-

Gustav Sørensen @ 2020-01-31 04:12:51 -0600

Can u please make a smaller version of Model D? Like the zowie ec 2b.

VimerTC @ 2020-01-31 03:50:32 -0600
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