Presenting, Model D.

Shazim M

October 30, 2019

Say hello to the Glorious Model D. 
The second of four.

We have taken everything we have learned from Model O and O- and applied to an ergonomic frame to deliver a high-quality lightweight Ergonomic mouse at an affordable price.


Coming December 2019.

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Sign Up for Model D Launch Updates:

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Hi All I have the GLORIOUS Model D – matte White. Unfortunately, I broke the USB connector attached to the cord. Do you know where I can get a replacement cord from within the UK?

Jazz @ 2021-01-25 12:09:12 -0600

Is it waterproof?

Whale @ 2020-12-13 04:09:23 -0600

my sensors are broken i need help

mahmalji @ 2020-11-17 08:53:56 -0600

This mouse is overall great and comes at a great price. I have one complaint. My front LED (the one on my mouse wheel) appears pink-ish red while it is supposed to be white. Don’t let this review change your mind about the quality of the mouse, it is great in every other way.

Anthony @ 2020-11-16 08:15:11 -0600

Hello All,

I am following up since I posted the previous comment about the blue mouse skates that someone had mentioned as well. I quickly realized that they are blue right out of the box because the protective film that covers them is blue. Once this is removed the skates will be white, and the mouse will move much better!

Best regards,

Gregory @ 2020-10-06 18:48:10 -0500
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Charles Wong:

The model d is superb for gaming and multimedia editing use. So comfortable and i have no issues with it at all. Super lightweighted that it felt like im using a wireless mouse. Kudos for GLORIOUS for making the model d which fits perfectly on my hand. The only complain i can only say is, can we get the glorious keyboard in Malaysia too asap? Lol…..

March 21, 2020


I love that its very lightweight. Clicks are crisp and tactile but not hard unlike Fantech’s which put strains on my finger joints. The only thing that disappointed me is the mouse scroll wheel that now has a squeaking sound with only under 2 months of daily use.

March 17, 2020


Squishy/crunchy feeling mouse buttons, side of mouse feels slightly loose, scroll wheel loose and noisy on the up scroll as well as “clicking” on the up scroll, causing me to feel the clicks througout the entire mouse. Don’t recommend this until they actually fix their quality problems.

March 13, 2020

Kade Grothem:

I have had this mouse for about 2 weeks and the side mouse boutons on the Model D are stiff and occasionally creat is crackling noise. I don’t believe I did anything to cause it just came up. I was wondering if there is any way to fix or address the problem.

February 24, 2020


Please bring out the model D minus soooon!!!!!

February 24, 2020

joshua :


i really wanted to like this mouse but i simply can’t. my model D has the scroll wheel issue where it sounds like a very high pitched squeak every scroll you do and it gets worse with time to the point you hear it through headphones! i contacted glorious for an exchange and was prompted with a choice of 15% (9$) refund or 25% store credit. i kindly declined but am extremely disappointed in glorious’s decision to not exchange it and theres more people coming up with this issue making posts about glorious not exchanging. QC is an issue with glorious, ive purchased 3 mice from them and first 2 model O had the infamous cable short that i ended up paracording and now my model D sounds like a chalk board scratch every time i scroll so 3 out of 3 issues on my mice. i wont be making any future glorious purchases because of glorious’s decision to not exchange the mouse for people with this issue no one wants a mouse that sounds this terrible.please consider before purchasing theres videos on youtube and posts on reddit. i never had this problem with logitech or razer they always did exchange’s for any issue that arose and yes even one with a scroll wheel problem like this “glorious” mouse.

February 22, 2020

zEnderMC on YT:

very nice

February 20, 2020

Mr Chicken Salt:

I smell fish…

Oh, I also just received the mouse – it’s f’kin AWESOME!

February 06, 2020

Gustav Sørensen:

can you make a d-

January 31, 2020


Can u please make a smaller version of Model D? Like the zowie ec 2b.

January 31, 2020


does the mouse come with software so I can change the dpi to whatever I want?

January 29, 2020


Big PP

January 16, 2020


Been in touch with overclockers in the UK. They reckon it will still be another 2week or so before we get our orders. Late ass Xmas present.

January 14, 2020

Oliver Fletcher :

When will this be delivered in the UK? I’ve been waiting a long ass time bruh

January 14, 2020

Kurtis Kurty:

Listen up u fine ass people, I need a model d MINUS because my hands are too small for regular sized mice.

January 14, 2020


Listen up glorious ppl want ur mouse so get them their mouse u niggas. No i love u guys no homo

January 12, 2020

Andy :

States up top that it’s getting released on the 14th January

January 10, 2020


Where do I purchase it?

January 10, 2020


Where’s the mouse?

January 10, 2020


Listen up u bitch ass niggas i want my mouse bro

January 01, 2020


Does anyone know about the time when these will be in store (micro center)?

December 29, 2019


Hey, give them a break. Glorious makes some great peripherals (I bought the Glorious Model O, and it’s a great mouse), but the worst they could do is rush the Model D and run into serious build quality issues.

Now, I waited and bought the Model O later than most did (as the gaming tech reviewer TECHNE said he had problems with his having too much give on the thumb side). Glorious probably felt rushed to get more Model O’s to market, and so they got minor build problems with some of the output. So I waited, and my Model O had no issues, nice solid build.

So, yeah it sucks. I’d like to have the Model D too – as I really prefer an “ergo” mouse to the ambidextrous. But nobody wants to go through the hassle of having to return stuff that unfortunately has build issues or some quality glitch. I would much rather wait a month or two more than deal with that. Besides, I wouldn’t respect them if they pushed out a mouse for us that wasn’t ready.

December 28, 2019

Cornelius Burton:

Answers please, Glorious!

December 27, 2019

andy mcgovern:

so. i contacted overclockers today 27/12/2019 who ive pre prdered with, and they have informed me that they have not heard a single thing from there suppliers regarding shipment of the mouse. does not look good at all

December 27, 2019


Let’s all cancel the pre orders and ask the bank to issue the refund.

December 27, 2019

Cornelius Burton:

Seems like y’all are pretty backed up at the moment, but we’d really appreciate communication. Leaving customers in the dark isn’t helping much. At least some announcement confirming issues would be a relief, cause right now we don’t even know if our orders will go through.

December 27, 2019

andy mcgovern:

i pre-ordered from overclockers uk.. they informed me that they was expecting a delivery on the 23rd december and if it came on that date it would be sent out the same day and arrive on the never arrived and they dont open till the 2nd of january. they still havnt received there orders to send out

December 26, 2019


It’s been over a month since I pre ordered and now it’s less than a week until their deadline.

At least give us an update.

December 26, 2019

obwilly (Twitch):

don’t forget to follow the stream for my review on the model D :)

December 26, 2019


When is the release date?

December 26, 2019

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