Model O Wireless - Best Wireless Mouse In Its Class At An Endgame Price

Glorious HQ

September 18, 2020

The Model O Wireless packs state-of-the-industry wireless features, and our proprietary next-gen BAMF sensor into an unbelievably lightweight ambidextrous shell - sold at a gamer-friendly price far below other top performance tier mice.

BAMF Sensor: 

A Next-Gen Proprietary Sensor to Ascend Your Gameplay to the Next Level

BAMF is Glorious' newly developed pro-grade wireless sensor made in collaboration with Pixart.

BAMF is optimized for high performance, low power draw.  Specs include 400 IPS Tracking Speed, up to 19,000 programmable DPI, and up to 1000 Hz polling rate.

Shape & Weight: 

Ultra Light Weight With Unparalleled Performance

The Model O Wireless is the same ambidextrous shape as the award-winning wired Model O.

Weighing in at just 69 Grams, MOW is one of the lightest weight wireless mice of its kind.

Also features fully customizable 3-Zone 16.8 Million color RGB, 6 programmable buttons, and a built-in DPI indicator.

Comes with our low-friction, 100% pure PTFE G-Skates mouse feet so you can glide over your pad with speed & precision.

Battery Life:

Best Battery Life Of Any Mouse In Its Class

Up to 71 hours of play time* so you can go all night without recharging.
(*measured with RGB off)

Charge while you game with wired / wireless modes. O Wireless comes with a flexible USB-C Ascended charging cable for non stop performance when you need it most.

Wireless Connectivity: 

Lowest Wireless Latency Among Top Tier Gaming Mice

No Lag. Crisp Clicks. No Doubleclicks. O Wireless features lightning fast 2.4 GHz lag-free wireless technology for responsive & precision game-play.

Reach up to 5 meters. Automatically switch between Wired & Wireless modes for maximum reliability and efficiency in any situation.


Fully Customizable With New Glorious Core Software Suite 

Our newly developed Glorious Core unified software suite gives you full control so you can game the way you like it. The easy-to-use interface to customize lighting, buttons, LOD, Polling Rate, DPI, and other settings. 

Allows you to save multiple profiles for both wired and wireless mode.

Endgame Pricing

$79.99... No BS. 

With some companies charging extreme markups, other high performance gaming mice can sell for $120-$150 or more.  Model O Wireless provides better performance, at a fraction of the cost.

Why are we selling Model O Wireless so low? Because we can. We think gamers deserve fair pricing.


Reservations for Model O Wireless Begin 9/23 

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Hika boi noob:

On my software, I’ve put my debounce time to 0mc but I’m only getting like 4cps for drag clicking why is that? Does drag clicking not work with 0ms? Should I change my debounce time to 2ms??

May 12, 2021


I cannot open the software on my computer and i dont know why does anyone got any suggestions on what i can do?

March 17, 2021


model o wireless is sold for 100 euro in Europe …

March 11, 2021


Do not get this mouse unless you want to deal with constant issues. Firstly, to get glorious core to actually run correctly I need to turn off any antivirus and firewalls on my computer. They then had over 3 weeks where it stuttered constantly during wireless use, so all the extra money for wireless was completely wasted. Now, every time I turn on the computer it completely resets my profiles, which then means I have to go through the tedious steps of turning off my firewall etc, just to remake it. At least 5 mins every single time it turns on. Sure they try to fix problems but it seems that each time they fix one they make yet another. On top of the qc issues they have and again are trying to iron out, there’s no way i’d ever recommend this mouse.

February 20, 2021

Bobby Sullivan:

I love this mouse a lot. I recommend buying it, but I am having some Issues. When I plug the mouse into my computer and turn off the RGB to charge, It doesn’t charge.

February 05, 2021


The mouse is insane! I love this mouse. The shipping is the only thing that is bad about the mouse. It took 39 days to arrive with 40$ shipping price.

January 14, 2021


The shape of the model O wireless feels so good in my hand. Wish my dick had the same shape lmao.

January 14, 2021


Please make a model O minus wireless version. I have tiny hand, so I will buy it right away!

January 08, 2021

Hugo Delgado:

Support team can you help me with returning my model o wireless it is not damaged just don’t like the shape and the switches for it.

December 15, 2020

Jitu :

Huge design flaws I believe if corrected, would make this worth the asking price.

Flaw #1: No battery charge indicator.

Flaw #2: No software for OSX

Flaw #3: Not able to charge and use in wireless mode.

December 07, 2020

Coy :

Please make a model o minus wireless! That’s 100% endgame for me

December 02, 2020

Poggers police :

The poggers police is here stop saying poggin or poggies

November 24, 2020

John Smolinski:

What is the lowest dpi setting for the model o wireless

November 19, 2020


I am disappointed that you the additional grips in black only. Why sell a mouse in black and white then offer grips in black only?

November 17, 2020


The 19k dpi lol, imagine the trickshots

November 11, 2020


Pleeeeease make a Model O- or D- wireless version, please please pleeeease!

November 10, 2020


I was wondering if you were working on a mac version of the glorious software I was hoping to get the mouse for easy travel.

November 06, 2020


Does anyone have any ideas or clues as to when this mouse will be released?

November 04, 2020

Jack Haubenstricker:

Will you guys come out with a Glossy version? I’ve come to very much enjoy glossy over matte.

September 25, 2020


Damn, wished I could switch up the buttons to the opposite side. but these twitch emotes are off putting to say the least.

September 24, 2020


it’s so hype, I still have no money Pepega

September 23, 2020


No glossy? NO MONEY

September 23, 2020


this is pogginggg champ

September 23, 2020

Isaac Pearl:

Someone call the poggers police cuz these guys are poggin

September 23, 2020


Please make a Model O- version of it as well!

September 23, 2020


Please sir… May I have the Minus version

September 23, 2020


this is an epic gamer moment

September 22, 2020


holy im so hyped for rthis

September 22, 2020


YES! Finally. I’m in the market for a new mouse. If this supports turning down the debounce time (I’m a competitive Minecraft player and all the pro minemen use the Model O because of the butterfly capability), take my money.

September 22, 2020

totalymy name :

Yo, are the other mice gonna get cheaper

September 22, 2020

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