Introducing the GMMK 2 - Pre-Orders Begin March 17th

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March 17, 2022

The sequel with no equal has finally arrived. Meet the GMMK 2. 

The original GMMK was released in 2016, revolutionizing the industry as the first widely available “hot swappable” mechanical gaming keyboard.

GMMK 2 takes what made the original so iconic and introduces a gorgeous new design with next-gen power and versatility, creating the best, most feature-rich keyboard in its class.

Early in the board’s development, we brought the community into the design process by asking you to share which new features you would most like to see included.

You Wanted…

· The 65% Layout to keep those sweet, sweet arrow keys.

· A Metal Frame with internal weights for a high-quality look and feel.

· More Color Options to match your desk setups.

· Unique Case Lighting for that extra touch of “swag,” as this person put it.

· Vibration Dampening Foam for a satisfying typing sound.

· ISO Support for our international users out there.

· Removable USB-C, because Micro USB is prehistoric.

· 5-Pin Hotswap Sockets that accept PCB mount switches.

· Improved Software Tools like Glorious CORE and QMK.

· Quality Stabilizers with pre-lubed housings and screw-in compatibility.


All of the above. AND…

· A 96% version for full-sized functionality in a more compact size.

· Compatibility with all recent Glorious keycap sets regardless of layout.*

· New pre-lubed Glorious Fox linear switches, clear for brighter RGB.

· New premium, shine-through double shot keycaps.

· An affordable price for both Pre-Built and Barebones versions.


Don’t believe us? See for yourself! 

*Excludes Glorious Mechanical Keyboard Keycaps designed for the original GMMK 1.


The GMMK 2 comes in two sizes: Compact TKL (65%) and Full Size (96%).

Both sizes will be available here on for $119.99, which comes pre-assembled with doubleshot keycaps and Glorious Fox linear switches.

Barebones versions of each will be available for $79.99, which do not include keycaps or switches.

Reminder: All orders $99.99 and above receive free shipping within the continental US on

Pre-order information

Before launching in our store as an in-stock item, the GMMK 2 will be available for pre-order. Orders will be limited to 2 boards each, regardless of size, color, language, etc.

When It Starts

The Glorious Guild Early Access Pre-Order: Begins March 17th at 11 AM CST 

Guild members, please visit the Guild Forum for more information. To learn more about earning Guild access, visit here.

Public Pre-Order: Opens March 23rd at 11 AM CST

All customers will be able to pre-order the GMMK 2 by visiting its product page. 

when it ends

In early April, the entire pre-order process will close once the GMMK 2 officially launches as an in-stock item.

When Boards Ship

Black & White GMMK 2s: Glorious Guild Early Access pre-orders will begin shipping on March 21st. Public pre-orders will ship in early April.

Pink GMMK 2s: Expected to ship sometime between late April and May 2022.

Pre-order holders will receive an email notifying them their order has begun the shipping process.

Note: Any item added to a cart alongside a GMMK 2 pre-order will not ship until your board(s) ships.

canceling your pre-order

You’ll be able to cancel your pre-order yourself within 1 hour of placing the order. After 1 hour, please get in touch with support (via live chat or our support page).

In-Stock Launch Date

In early April, The GMMK 2 will launch as an in-stock item on Stay tuned to our community channels for specific launch date information!

International & third-party retailers

Our retail partners will each have their own ordering and launch process for the GMMK 2. Please view our list of international retail partners and contact the retailer directly for additional info.

Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your local retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.

Stay tuned

For the latest information about this launch, make sure to sign up for the mailing list below and follow our community channels:

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· Discord



Q: How is this board related to GMMK PRO?

A: GMMK 2 is a completely re-engineered sequel to the original GMMK 1. It was designed with gamers in mind, and is a budget-friendly, high-quality, high-performance option for almost any user.
GMMK PRO is an entirely different board with unique features and specs. It was developed to make once very niche (and expensive), enthusiast-level customizability features available to a wider audience. It's great for users looking for an ultra premium option, fine-tuned to their exact preferences in aesthetics, sound, and typing experience.
Both boards are excellent, premium-quality keyboards. Which one you choose depends on your personal preferences and budget!


Q: Can I still get the GMMK 2 if I don’t pre-order?

A: Yes, all versions of the GMMK 2 will be available as in-stock items on our store after pre-orders conclude.


Q: When is the official launch date for GMMK 2?

A: We expect to launch the GMMK 2 in early April. At this time, we cannot give a specific date. Please, stay tuned to our community channels for updates.


Q: Where do I go to pre-order a GMMK 2?

A: Pre-order the board on its product page, here.


Q: How many GMMK 2s can I pre-order?

A: Pre-orders are limited to 2 boards max regardless of language, size, color, and configuration.


Q: When do pre-orders for the GMMK 2 open?

A: Pre-orders begin for Guild members on March 17th at 11 AM CST. Public pre-orders open March 23rd at 11 AM CST.


Q: When do pre-orders for the GMMK 2 close?

A: Guild Early Access ends when the public pre-order goes live on March 23rd at 11 AM CST. Public pre-orders conclude when the product officially launches in our store as an in-stock item around early April, no specific date has been announced.


Q: How do I join the Glorious Guild?

A: The Glorious Guild is an invite-only loyalty program with exclusive member benefits. Receive an email invitation by earning points from products purchased on

For a detailed breakdown of the point system, membership perks, and more, check out the Glorious Guild landing page.


Q: When do pre-orders for the GMMK 2 close?

A: Guild Early Access ends when the public pre-order goes live on March 23rd at 11 AM CST. Public pre-orders conclude when the product officially launches in our store as an in-stock item around early April, no specific date has been announced.


Q: Will I get my GMMK 2 sooner if I pre-order?

A: All GMMK 2 pre-orders are expected to ship before the official in-stock launch date. However, we cannot guarantee you will receive your board before that date due to unpredictable shipping conditions.


Q: Can I cancel or edit my GMMK 2 pre-order?

A: Yes, you can cancel your order yourself within 1 hour of placing it. If 1 hour has passed, please contact our support team for assistance via live chat or our support page. For editing your pre-order, a support team member will happily assist you.


Q: Can I add other products into the same order as my GMMK 2?

A: Yes, but all items ordered alongside the GMMK 2 will not ship until the board does.





When the keycaps in iso-pt for the GMMK 2 96% will be released?

Thank you

December 21, 2022

Victor Chi:

Hi Glorious,
When will the ISO version be able for purchase?
The GMMK 2 96%.


April 04, 2022

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