Glorious HQ

August 31, 2022

A high-performance gaming mousepad that doubles as a green screen.

Designed specifically for streamers and content creators, this pad lets you easily display any video or image directly on your desk while on camera. Its green screen color works perfectly with OBS, Twitch Studio, and other popular streaming software with chroma key filters.


Unlike other green screen surfaces, the Glorious Chroma Key Mousepad is built to provide the same pro-level gaming performance as our original lineup of legendary cloth pads.

It features a dense foam core, premium low-profile stitching, and a durable mouse surface for consistently smooth, controlled movements. The 18 x 36 in. size (the same as our 2XL Extended Mousepad) is perfect for covering a large desk surface.


What makes it stand out, or technically blend in, is its unique green color designed for clear and consistent chroma key effects – turn your setup into a canvas for visual transformation!

Simply point a camera at your desk to unlock limitless possibilities. Overlay your mouse movements on top of your gameplay without covering the action, add insightful callouts to your unboxing videos, give your build streams a striking backdrop that keep your fans engaged, and much more.

We’re excited to see all of the creative things our community does with chroma key effects.

The Chroma Key Mousepad is Available Now on

Visit its product page to learn more and order yours today.

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