Introducing Model O Wireless

Glorious HQ

September 13, 2020

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It's finally here.

More info coming very soon....

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Would be great to soon see the Model O- in a Wireless version! thx in advance Glorious! :D

Kasper Bergmann @ 2021-08-24 03:02:43 -0500

Time for a model o- wireless soon I hope, looking forward to my main mouse having a wireless option!

Adam @ 2021-07-21 01:39:41 -0500

For the love of God, PLEASE make a sub-60-gram Model O- Wireless… it’ll decimate all (even Finalmouse because of your no-bs pricing).

I’ve done some weighing and testing; remove the side RGB and add a 150 mAh Battery, and you should be all set… There is also much more tweaking you can do to the shell to bring this weight down even more.

But if you guys succeed, get ready for massive demand and back orders ;)

Mouse Enthusiast @ 2021-05-06 02:50:50 -0500

Hi, as above please can you make a Model D wireless!! Just make sure it has the same build quality and reliability as the wired one. Thanks

Jace @ 2021-04-26 02:51:42 -0500

Its time for model o minus wireless… :P

Jose Fernandes @ 2021-04-11 03:02:42 -0500
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Yo is it better to use Model D- if my thumb sometimes drag along the surface on my mousepad while using the Model O-, it screws me up at times and I used to use a bigger mouse even though I have small hands. Love the great work from Glorious though, will be waiting for the Wireless Model O-, D and D-!!!!

December 29, 2020


We need model d wireless!!!

December 27, 2020

Noah S:

Model D wireless and I’m in

December 17, 2020

Milan Gulyas:

Would love the mouse but shipping costs tripled since 2019 Febr. when I ordered the wired model O. Will have to wait for some re-sellers around Hungary. :/

December 07, 2020


Yeah, bluetooth version will be sweet.

December 03, 2020


Will there be a Model O- wireless ?

December 02, 2020

Timur Seliger:

Please make a model D wireless in time for christmas! Also can you please make it an option to trade in your used glorious mouse for a discount on a wireless version?

November 30, 2020


Please consider a bluetooth version of this. :)


November 29, 2020

jake paul:

no way someone asked for more weights in this mouse LOL just buy a different one.. the point of the model o series is to be light

November 26, 2020

Christian Giordano:

i hope one day we will get a Model O- minus. without rgb strips and dpi button. you can remove 5g or more from this.

wireless at 60G is a dream.

November 26, 2020


pleas a model d wireless

November 22, 2020


H a n d i t o v e r

November 21, 2020

Kevin cabral:

Go wireless D & D-

Since there is only unergonimic lightweight wireless mouse on the market, like model o, GPS and rvu you really should be the first inventing the first ergonomic one.

I would buy instantly 2

November 20, 2020


Model D Wireless PLEASE

November 18, 2020

Anony Mouse:

Model D Minus Wireless when?

November 18, 2020


Very fancy mouse. I like it. When can we use the glorious core software?

November 17, 2020


Is there a Model O minus Wireless in the Pipeline? That would be very nice

November 16, 2020

Alex :

Would kill for a model o- wireless

November 14, 2020


We need wireless model D asap.

November 13, 2020

Mac Adryel Flauta:

Please make a Wireless Model O- Pink Edition

November 05, 2020

Lucius Gorski:

You have my money after a model d wireless

October 24, 2020


Please make an O- Wireless Model. I would totally buy it! Using the O- right now

October 22, 2020


Is there gonna be a wireless model d?
And I would love if you would think bout adding removable weights or make a heavier model.

October 19, 2020

Daniel Sutter:

Please guys, the shape of the Model D is amazing, BUT the different quailities of the mice i ordered (3x Model D) is way too hard!
On 1 mouse, the left mouse button was kind of lose (able to move it left and right about 1-2mm)
The other one always made queeky sounds when i put my thumb on it..
And the 3rd one, the thumb button was too hard to push bcs in the inside it was not 100% fixed..

Please do better quality security and i will buy the Model D wireless, when it comes out!

October 11, 2020


Cant wait for Moldel-D to come out wireless, i just have no idea yet if i should buy smaller or the bigger mouse. Gonna give my g703 a rest after D-wireless!

October 08, 2020


As long as there is a white version, you have my money.

October 04, 2020


How do I place an order on back order ?

October 04, 2020


Will there be a model o- wireless?

October 03, 2020


Will this have a pink version?

October 03, 2020

Etienne Theunissen:

If you made a model o- please add side buttons for left handed people.

October 01, 2020

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