Introducing GPBT Celestial Series Keycaps - Launches 11/4

Glorious HQ

November 03, 2021

The first 2 keysets in our line of new colorway accessories sets are ready for liftoff!

Introducing the Celestial Keycap Series. These premium cherry-profile keycaps will ascend your build aesthetics to the outer realms of the galaxy, with bold & vibrant gradient colors, ultra-crisp dye-sublimated legends, and high-quality PBT plastic.

No group buys, no endless waiting. Both keycap sets in the GPBT Celestial Series launch as in-stock items on tomorrow, 11/4 at 10 AM CT for $99.99 + Shipping & Handling. (Free within the contiguous US)

Note: Initially, available quantities may be limited. When our initial stock of these sets sells out, we will transition them to a back-order process until we have enough inventory to satisfy demand. Orders will be limited to one of each set per customer.

Celestial Fire & Ice

Celestial Fire brings the heat with brilliant, fiery tones, including blazing oranges & reds, tempered blues & purples, and inky black.

Celestial Ice dazzles with chilling hues, ranging from glacial blue to rich cerulean and deep, dark navy.

Premium Quality

Celestial Keycap sets are made from highly-durable PBT plastic, which won’t wear down or show unwanted shine over time. The production tooling maintains tight tolerances for perfectly clean, straight edges without injection residue or warping.

Crisp, Custom Legends

Their razor-sharp white legends are dye-sublimated and highly resistant to fading. The legends have been completely re-designed for these sets with a custom, aesthetically pleasing, upper-left justified font. (No RGB shine-through)

All-In-One Kit

Both sets in the Celestial Series are compatible with all ANSI GMMK models and most standard keyboard layouts.

Hot or Cold? Let the universe decide.

- Stay Glorious



will there be other ISO Language versions of this or is it ANSI/UK-ISO only?

April 06, 2022


Will there be new colors of keyboard coming?

November 04, 2021

John Doe:

$99 seems pretty steep for a Dye-Sub PBT set. How do we know that this is not some margin-optimized chi-fi manufacturer with no regard with quality? The influx of new designers partnering with cheaper and cheaper manus kind of soured my view of this.

Is this $99 justifiable?

November 04, 2021

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