Introducing GMMK Numpad

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Aug 04 2022

Meet the GMMK Numpad - our first fully customizable wireless macro pad.


The development of this product has been a long journey for us. Over the last few years, a Glorious Numpad has been one of the most requested products by our community.  

But we did not want to create another boring numpad. It needed to be innovative, premium, beautiful, and meet the needs of any user - keyboard enthusiasts, gamers, streamers, creators, and productivity.

GMMK Numpad packs a full suite of powerful features, several of which have never before been seen on a pad available outside of the enthusiast world.

Its 17 mechanical keys, clickable rotary knob, and convenient slider are all fully configurable for a near-limitless array of uses.

Intentionally engineered as a perfect companion to GMMK PRO and GMMK 2 65%, its sleek aesthetic and anodized aluminum case offer unparalleled versatility for almost any setup. Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity delivers reliable wireless functionality, and a hotswap PCB makes changing your switches effortless.

The GMMK Numpad comes out of the box ready to use with pre-lubed Glorious Fox Switches, GSV2 stabilizers, and shine-through ABS Doubleshot V2 keycaps. But it has been designed for complete customizability, nearly every component can be replaced with ease.

An ecosystem of accessories will be available at launch, allowing you to fine-tune your pad to your personal style - including switches, switch plates, top frames, knobs, sliders, and even a PCB.  

A perfect mix of form, function, and versatile features - there is no other pad quite like this one.

Experience Wireless Freedom

· Powerful Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity

· Compatible with PC, laptop, phone, tablet, macOS and more

· Enjoy up to 76 hours of battery life

· Dual Wired/Wireless modes w/ USB-C charging

Your Numpad, Your Aesthetic

· Personalize its look with alternate top frame, slider, knob, switch plate, and badge options

· 16.8 Million Per-Key RGB

· Signature side lighting panels

· Transparent Glorious Fox switches ensure bright and accurate backlighting

Program Powerful Macros

· 17 programmable keys, plus a clickable rotary knob and versatile slider

· Assign time-saving macros and shortcuts via Glorious CORE software

· QMK Compatible

· Use the slider/knob to control separate audio channels

Premium Quality & Durable

· Full-metal, CNC machined, anodized aluminum body

· 5-Pin Hotswap PCB (North Facing default; South Facing optional add-on)

· ABS Doubleshot shine-through keycaps

· Pre-lubed Glorious GSV2 stabilizers

· Gasket-mounted switch plate design

· Sound dampening foam for superior sound

Pre-order your wireless GMMK Numpad Tuesday, August 16th at 11 AM CT for $129.99 with free shipping to the continental US on Available in Black Slate and White Ice colorways.


GMMK Numpad will eventually be fully in stock, but at launch only a limited quantity of units will be available in its first run. Pre-ordering through ensures you get a first-round unit once shipping starts, which is planned for September.

Please Note: Orders will be limited to two numpads per color.


The GMMK Numpad pre-order goes live Tuesday, August 16th at 11 AM CT!


The entire pre-order process will close shortly before the GMMK Numpad transitions to an in-stock item, or when the initial batch quantity sells out. Stay tuned to our community channels for specific launch date information!


Public pre-orders are expected to start shipping in September 2022.

Pre-order holders will receive an email notifying them their order has begun the shipping process. Be sure to check both your inbox and spam folder once we get closer to the expected shipping date.

Please Note: Any item added to a cart alongside a GMMK Numpad pre-order will not ship until your numpad ships.


You’ll be able to cancel your pre-order yourself within 1 hour of placing the order. After 1 hour, please get in touch with support (via live chat or our support page).


We expect the GMMK Numpad to launch as an in-stock item sometime in September 2022 on Stay tuned to our community channels for specific launch date information!


Our retail partners will each have their own ordering and launch process for the GMMK Numpad. Please view our list of international retail partners and contact the retailer directly for additional info.

Please Note: We do not control pricing, fulfillment, or pre-orders of any 3rd party authorized retailer or international distributor. If you place an order outside of the website, be aware we cannot guarantee stock or delivery times. Please contact your local retailer for detailed information about their ordering process.


For the latest information about this launch, make sure to follow our community channels:








Will I be able to see any reviews for the GMMK Numpad before completing my order?

Yes, a very limited number of trusted independent reviewers have been given early access to GMMK Numpad prior to launch. Their reviews will go live on the launch date.


Will the GMMK Numpad be available on Amazon?

No, at launch the GMMK Numpad will only be available through the website and our international partners.


Will accessories be available at the same time as the main product?

Yes, most accessories will be available for pre-order at the same time as the Numpad, and are expected to ship at the same time. However, unforeseen circumstances could cause delays.


Is the Hotswap PCB North or South Facing?

The GMMK Numpad comes default with North-Facing LEDs, which offer maximum RGB shine through and brightness. However, we are also offering a South-Facing PCB sold separately for those who wish to modify their boards to their preferred orientation and compatibility.


Is GMMK Numpad a Main Range or Glorious Forge release?

Numpad will be a main range release, meaning it will eventually be fully in stock. However, initial quantities are limited.


Can the GMMK Numpad be used in wired mode too?

Yes, the GMMK Numpad can be used both wired and wirelessly. A braided USB-C charging cable is included in the box.


Can I pair the GMMK Numpad to my mobile device, tablet, MacBook, etc.?

Yes, the GMMK Numpad uses Bluetooth 5.0 LE technology and pairs with most compatible devices. However, certain features require Glorious CORE software to be installed on the device to function properly.


Do I need a dongle to pair the GMMK Numpad wirelessly with my device?

It depends on your device. Some desktop PCs may lack a Bluetooth receiver, which is required for pairing. If your device does have a Bluetooth receiver, then no dongle is required. Note: This is not the same technology as our 2.4Ghz wireless mice.


What can I control with the slider and rotary knob?

By default, both control system volume. However, you can reprogram both inputs to control separate audio channels via Glorious CORE software. Only the rotary knob is capable of channel switching through the use of optional keyboard shortcuts. At this time, reassigning the slider must be done through Glorious CORE. More functions are coming soon for the slider and knob – please don’t hesitate to send us your suggestions on social media!


Does the GMMK Numpad’s color and finish match the GMMK PRO/GMMK 2?

Yes, the GMMK Numpad is anodized to perfectly match the GMMK PRO and very closely match the GMMK 2.


Do I need to own a Glorious Keyboard to use GMMK Numpad?

No, GMMK Numpad is its own device with its own Glorious CORE integration. It does not rely on other Glorious products to operate.


Do all Glorious keycap sets fit the GMMK Numpad?

Yes, no add-on kits required. This includes both ANSI and ISO versions.


Does the GMMK PRO’s rotary knob fit the GMMK Numpad?
Yes, they are the exact same product.


Does the GMMK Numpad use GSV2 stabilizers?

Yes, the GMMK Numpad comes with pre-lubed GSV2 stabilizers and accepts most third-party screw-in options.


Does the slider require a tool to replace?

No, replacing both the GMMK Numpad’s slider and knob is quick, easy, and tool-free.


Can I install my own accent badge?

Yes, you can replace the accent badge with one of our options or any badge of your choice that fits. Requires disassembly of the GMMK Numpad. We recommend a Phillips #00 screwdriver.


Will you offer other badges in the future?

That's the plan!